Will “Re: Zero Season 2” Hit the Screens In April 2020??? Release Date, Plot, Cast and Everything You Wants to Know Before Release.

Japanese Anime TV show Re: Zero Starting Life in another world, is one of the most-watched and loved anime series in the world. Who in this world doesn’t want to know about another world? After a long gap of approx. 4 years, Re: Zero will have its 2nd Season. RE: Zero’s first season 1 appeared in April 2016.

Re: Zero is adapted from the light novel, which is written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. In its first season 1, there were 25 episodes, which aired in 2 Cours. Cours are 3-month blocks on TV sets for the telecast of a particular show.

Re: Zero Season 2 Official announcement

Official website of Re: Zero had announced the release date of Season 2 as of April 2020, on Dec 10, 2019. It is certain that currently, Season 1 is re-aired on Japanese TV. Once it ends, next season will be aired.

There were few visuals, and OVA was also released along with information. Showrunners are trying to push the dates as quickly as possible to make it the first anime show of the decade.

Re: Zero Story: 

Re: Zero is the story of Subaru Natsuki, who enters a fantasy world while returning from a convenience store. In the fantasy world, he happens to meet an elf with silver hair, named Satella.Will "Re: Zero Season 2" Hit the Screens In April 2020??? Release Date, Plot, Cast and Everything You Wants to Know Before Release.

She is in search of a stolen item. Subaru decides to help her find the stolen item. While searching the stolen item, both of them are killed in a mysterious manner. After this killing, Subaru finds himself standing at the point where he started his fantasy world.

He discovers that he has the magical power to return from death called “Return by Death.” After understanding the use and importance of power, Subaru tries to make his real-life better by using this power and help form Elf.

OVA – Original video animation & Season 2 Plot

OVA is the video animations in anime genre used to show the connection between seasons or episodes.

So far, 2 OVAs have been released for Re: Zero. Memory Snow was the first OVA that came in 2019 mid. Post this OVA, another OVA released in Nov 2019 to build and re-connect the story of Season 1 and Season 2 after a long gap of 4 years. OVA 2 is Frozen Ice.

Although OVAs are aired, fans are yet to understand the complete upcoming Season 2 expected plot. OVAs were mainly focused on Emilia but were filled with lots of action scenes.

Here’s a look at Season 2 trailer –


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