Will ‘Ryan Reynolds’ Returns In “Deadpool 3”?? Release Date, Plot, Cast Members and Everything You Wants To Know

With the merger of Fox and Disney, the biggest question was regarding the 1.6 Billion dollar franchise of Deadpool. The two installments of the franchise won the audience with its witty humor that appealed to many.

And given Disney’s past records, it will not lose such a major financial opportunity, and hence, it was expected that the franchise would continue. Recently, Ryan Reynolds, who plays the titular character of the anti-hero Deadpool, confirmed the production of the Deadpool 3.

What is more interesting is the surfacing rumors of Disney wanting to incorporate Fox’s mutants from X men into the upcoming film. It is no mystery that Deadpool took a dig at the lack of x men while the next installment had all the x-men hiding from Wade.

And with the incredible on-screen chemistry of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh jackman, along with the collaboration of Wolverine and Deadpool on various occasions in the comics, it will not be surprising to see scenes with both the characters in Deadpool 3.

Will 'Ryan Reynolds' Returns In "Deadpool 3"?? Release Date, Plot, Cast Members and Everything You Wants To Know

Disney and Marvel have made the cameos a tradition with subplots of different heroes crossing over, according to the sources, it might do the same for Deadpool 3 by having some characters to appear in the next film and with Wade Wilson teasing them for not being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

Although, one cannot be certain of these reports until the film releases, But these sources are the ones who revealed that National Treasure 3 under production last year and that Deadpool was in the development phase – moths before Ryan Reynolds confirmed it, so it would be safe to assume that these reports regarding the cameo appearances of X men even though it could be for a moment.

Another fact that has fans concerned is the rating of Deadpool, given the violence that was depicted in the previous two films that would not resonate with Disney’s family-friendly content. Although, Disney could release the film under the banner of Fox as it has already purchased it, to preserve to edgy humor and violence that distinguishes the franchises from other superheroes arcs or they could produce a PG-13 film.

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