Will Smith’s son ‘Jaden Smith’ is Very Sick after being in Relationship with ‘Tyler The Creator’?? Why?

Fans were shocked to find out about Jaden Smith Gay and his relationship with Tyler the Creator. Jaden Smith finally reveals his relationship with Tyler the creator after the latter’s Grammy win 28-year-old Tyler the creator won the Grammy for his Rap album ‘Igor.’ Tyler accepted the award with his mother and was grateful for her support, as mentioned in his speech. But the news that’s been making rounds is Jaden’s Smith’s tweet

Jaden has tweeted that ‘My Boyfriend Just Won A Grammy’ on Sunday, 26th Jan, following the Award ceremony. All fans went crazy over this revelation, and there were thousands of retweets around it.

Jaden admitted in 2018 that Tyler is his boyfriend fans never believed them as it was difficult to figure out If they were being serious about it or joking. Tyler, the creator, has a hit song that mentions him kissing white boys, which raised a few questions for him. But he never answered any of those and kept the matter under the drapes. Tyler has never made any public remarks about his sexuality or love life.

Tyler and Jaden have played a little hide-and-seek with their fans in the past about their relationship. Tyler preferably, has to be a silent character in this regard. Jaden’s tweet hence is an official message to the world about these two artists being each other’s love interests. Jason, however, couldn’t contain his excitement over Tyler’s Grammy win and finally declared his love and sexuality both in a single tweet.

Jaden is the son of famous Hollywood actor Will Smith and Jada Smith. Although he was always looked at as a rebel because of his out of the world clothing sense, wearing skirts to eradicate the stigma around dressing, Despite Jaden Smith Gay Rumors, he never had made any direct statements about him being gay or given any explanations.

The 21-year-old’s tweet clears all the doubts from people’s minds and establishes his love for his boyfriend. Tyler was overwhelmed while his acceptance speech, as he never felt that he is accepted in Rap. We believe that Tyler’s win will help him feel more accepted, and now that Jaden has expressed his views in the open, we hope to see more about them in the coming times.

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