Will the Doors of Stone be released in 2024? Answered

If you have loved Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit, or George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, you would probably be familiar with Patrick Rothfuss’s work. If not, his Kingkiller Chronicle series has been loved by fans who compared it to be as good as the former two.

Planned for a three-part series, the first two parts released some time back. While fans are eagerly awaiting the third book, there have not been many updates regarding the progress. So will the book be released in 2024?

Who is Patrick Rothfuss?

Patrick Rothfuss is an American novel writer. Born in Madison, Wisconsin; he completed his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. At the university, he used to write for the campus newspaper The Pointer. Later he completed his Master’s at Washington State University and became a teacher at Stevens Point.

About The Kingkiller Chronicle Series

His first work regarding the Kingkiller Chronicle was in 2002 when he won the Writers of the Future Second Quarter competition, with an excerpt of his future second book The Wise Man’s Fear. It was titled “The Road to Levenshir”. Later in 2007, his first Kingkiller Chronicle book The Name of The Wind was published.

The book became a bestseller, earning him a Quill Award and an Alex Award. The second book The Wise Man’s Fear got equally good reviews. Along with the two canon books, two short stories also came out in the anthologies Unfettered(2013) and Rogues(2014). A side story The Slow Regard of Silent Things was published in 2014. A third and final book, The Doors of Stone is yet to come.

The story is about Kvothe, who is speaking his story to the Chronicler. The Chronicler is writing the events down as said by him. Kvothe is a skilled and popular scholar, musician, and adventurer who is now living a more reclusive life as an innkeeper. The ‘autobiography’ is three days long and every book dictates one day. There are parts in the book where Kvothe interacts with the Chronicler, which shows that the events are being told in the books.

When Could It Be Finally Released?

Rothfuss’ last published work was in 2014, so it has been more than six years. While Rothfuss has told that the work has been in progress, he later said that he won’t be saying anything until the book gets completed. In his 2013 post on Google plus he did show a draft of his third book.

The next part may have become complicated, Rothfuss mentioned in 2015, that there were 13 subplots that needed rework. He said that he wanted the readers to have a perfect work in the end. In July 2020, Rothfuss’s editor and publisher expressed her doubt about whether he has worked since 2014 because she never saw anything about Book Three.

Later in December 2020, Rothfuss opened up about his interaction with fans. He said that he understood how annoying it feels to have an incomplete story and wishes to be complete soon. He talked about attending therapy because he felt the same disappointment and pressure. However, he assured me that Book 3 is still happening, and we get to see more of Mola.

Apart from this, Rothfuss has said that despite the third book will end the series, there could be more books that would show more of the fantasy world. Since he is currently recovering, and good works like The Kingkiller Chronicles take some years if not decades, the third book may not arrive until late 2024 at the earliest. But we hope it is worth all the wait.

Will the Doors of Stone be released in 2024?

Maybe. Patrick Rothfuss has apologized for the long delay in releasing The Doors of Stone, citing issues in his personal life and his mental health as reasons. And this has been the primary reason behind the delays in Doors of Stone. Therefore we may see some updates regarding the Doors of Stone Release Date in 2024.

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