Winds of Winter: George RR Martin have a Release Date for the Game of Thrones Sequel: Theories & Updates

If you were looking for some action material in this GOT season 6 finale, then you might get a little disappointed. But don’t worry, this finale episode has got other spices to keep you entertained and some major tea spilling!

Like everything has got a good and a bad side, there are some instances in this episode which will make you wonder at least once what were the writers actually thinking! Like for example, it literally took Sam one entire season to reach Oldtown but wait wait, ,Varys magically traveled from Muren to Dorne within half an hour! Hmm interesting, isn’t it?

Now, talking about Sansa, though she has got feelings for Jon, she really doesn’t like him being appreciated by the lords! Despite admitting about her mistake of hiding about the knights of Vale, she actually didn’t back off from her motive of getting the iron throne.

This episode creates a stir among the minds of the audience. The episode gives strong vibes about Jon actually being Rhegar’s son and it was already confirmed that Lynna gave birth to him. This was probably the main reason why Ned had to hide Jon’s real identity so as to save him from Robert’s motive to destroy the Targaryen bloodline.

It also leaves a question in the viewer’s mind about who is going to be Arya’s next target. Now that Walter has already fallen into her trap, Cersei is probably the one on whom Arya has her eyes now! But Arya really got to do some tuff work if she wants Cersei under her knees as she is the all mighty queen now.

Talking about Cersei, the main center of attention of the finale, her motive to kill Margaery led to the unintentional killing of numerous innocent souls including Tommen. But finally, Margaery got killed which almost compensates for the loss.

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