Xur Destiny 2: Where is Xur today? Location, Loot, Weapons & More [May 15]

Destiny 2 is every shooter-game-geek’s paradise. It has one of the most amazing features and is widely popular amongst youngsters from all around the world. Players get to be the guardian protectors of the earth’s latest city, and wield an amazing power known as “Light to protect the last city.” 

Xur Destiny 2

Recently Destiny 2 has added a new feature in the game in which players can buy new and cool merchandise. A merchant named “Xur” recently introduced in the sci-fi game who sells many different kinds of weapons, armory, helmets. The only catch is that the merchant is hard to catch. 

Where is Xur today?

Moreover, he only appears every Friday at 5:00 pm GMT ( 10:00 Pacific) and will only stay till Tuesday. 

Xur’s icon has stopped appearing on the director, ever since the Forsaken Expansion took place. That being said, Xur is a pretty hard merchant to track. Nevertheless, we have listed a few places where he can be, along with the items he is currently selling. 

Xur can appear EDZ titan, lo, Nessus, and the Tower, are locations he has appeared several times, and finding him at the merchant’s spot should not be that hard. If you’re a player who has been playing Destiny 2 from scratch, then you’ll not have a lot of problems locating Xur. It’s not going to be that easy, but if you’re experienced, then you’ll not lose your mind as much as others would. 

Xur Location

This week Xur is on the golden cable ship on Nessus, along with some of the best new merch. His merchandise includes ” Hard Light ( Available for 29 Legendary Shards, this weapon is an exotic auto rifle,) Hallowfire Heart ( This strong titan chest armor is available for the players at 23 legendary shards,) Gwisin Vest ( An exotic bold and strong hunter chest for 23 legendary shards,) Apotheosis Veil ( A powerful warlock helmet at the price of 23 legendary shards.) 

Now that you know the location of Xur and all the new and powerful merchandise that he is selling, you should get back at saving the last city of the earth with your new equipment. 

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