Yaravirus: New SUPER VIRUS Discovered in Brazil, More DEADLY than CORONAVIRUS

As coronavirus cases are multiplying and map of cases spreading fastly, similar cases of the virus are being observed in Brazil. The people aren’t out of the threat of corona; this Yaravirus (Yaravirus brasiliensis) is all set to create more threat in the people. The DNA of the virus is still 90% unidentified, which is quite an alarming factor.

As the nomenclature of the virus is not that, type so the name of the virus is on the name of the water goddess of Brazil. The two virologists Bernard La Scola and Jonatas Abrahao from France and Brazil respectively found this virus in Lake Pampulha, an artificial lagoon in the city of Belo Horizonte.

Virology of virus:- As 90% genome of the virus is unidentified and five other viruses show the same similarities. As per virologists, the virus is an amoebal virus, and its made of 80nm of size particles, and they are pretty sure about this information. As per their observations, the virus is not a giant virus, so it must be an evolution of smaller.
Researchers’ new saying says that “Using standard protocols, our very first genetic analysis was unable to find any recognisable sequences of capsid or other classical viral genes in Yaravirus,” So further, we can say that this virus is going to make more and more confusion in researchers mind.
Now we can say that this is one of the most suspicious viruses as this is an isolated case on the amoebal virus, which is a reduced form of a giant one.

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