[Video] 2 Russian BMP-2 Tanks Gets Roasted in Minefield, Caught On Ukrainian drone


Dramatic video is claimed to show a Russian tank being destroyed after bungling troops drove it through a minefield – even though there was another wrecked tank there.

The clip is claimed to show two BMP-2 IFV tanks put out of action during Vladimir Putin’s assault on Donbas in Ukraine.

In the 13 second footage, two large plumes of smoke are seen as the Russian tank steers into mines, which send mud flying into the air.

Ukraine’s military estimates that Russia has lost more than 1,200 tanks since the invasion began in February, while intelligence chiefs believe that more than a third of its ground forces have been obliterated.

Latest estimates claim that more than 27,000 of Putin’s troops have died during the assault on Ukraine.

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