5 5est Pubg Tips and Trick/ Pubg Hacks To Get Chicken Dinner!

   Hey, gamers, how’s it going? If you play Battleground games, then you must have played Pubg. So this is for every pubg lover. We’ve done some research, and for you guys, we’ve found some pubg glitches/bugs and tips which you can use at your advantage without getting banned. Most of the top players also use information and glitches so that they can win rounds easily. Although they use, tricks their gameplay is strong enough to add win into their account. So get ready for the best pubg hacks and Pubg Tips and Trick.

5 5est Pubg Tips and Trick/ Pubg Hacks To Get Chicken Dinner!

   Pubg is one of the most competitive and fast-growing games around the world. Every day,y more and more people get addicted to this game, which makes it very hard to win most games. In the end, one who survives wins the game. But the thing is you can never win a game being dependent only on tricks. You have to practice on your skills too.

Top 5 Pubg Tricks and Glitches

  • Pubg Tips and Trick #1- Inside the wall (Glitch)

   You can use this glitch at your advantage. With this trick, you can view where your enemies are hidden if they are near you. Without being observed, you can get a clear overview of your surrounding. But the only catch is you need your teammate too for this trick to work.

  1. Firstly you need to run against the wall you want to pass.
  2. Tell your teammate to push you against the wall while you keep running towards the wall.

This trick doesn’t work on every wall, but it mostly works in the school areas.

  • Pubg Tips and Trick #2- Smoke Cloud (trick)

The idea behind the trick is simple. If you are only one left in your team and enemies are heading towards you. You can use this trick to divert the mind of your opponent. But this trick requires skills too, as soon as Cloud is formed. Either you have to run or take down your enemies.

    1.  Head towards the roof of the building.
    2. Hold down the smoke bomb until 1 second is left.
    3. When the timer is in the one-second jump from the building.
  • Pubg Tips and Trick #3- Entering the house through the car (glitch)

With this glitch, you can land directly inside the house without even getting out of the car. This hack will help to get inside when the enemy is chasing you quickly, running.

    1.  Get towards the window of the home you want to get in and park the car there.
    2. Change the driver seat to the window close to the house’s window.
    3.  Tap exit, and you are inside the home.
  • Pubg Tips and Trick #4- Blasting Gas can inside the water(trick)

With this trick, you can blast the gan inside the water and kill your enemies inside water.

    1. Hide the gas can inside water.
    2. When you see the enemy coming near the gas tank, pull off a grenade and throw it in water.
    3. When grenade blasts, it will eventually blast gas can too.
  • Pubg Tips and Trick #5- Landing fast (trick)

This trick is a bit strategic; the reason is. It is essential to land fast while getting off from the plane. If you land quickly, you will view where other enemies are landing and get to loot arms and ammunition first. You will be ready to attack while others are still stealing.

The trick is relatively simple.

At the time of landing from the plane, turn the camera of the character to face downwards.

I hope you liked the best tips and tricks for pubg shared in this post.

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