Ajin Season 3 Release Date: When it is Going to Release Date & Other Updates

Ajin: demi-human is a Japanese manga series written and adorn by Gamon Sakurai. it was taken into a 3D animated film by Polygon Pictures somewhere between November 2015 and September 2016. Moreover, Ajin Season 3 is going to add some more supernatural thriller than ever before.

Ajin Season 3 Story Updates

Peculiar immortal humans are known as “Ajin” first appeared 17 years ago in Africa.

Upon further uncovering, they were labeled as a threat to the whole of mankind. As they might misuse their powers and not able to control them put all of the worlds at fear as they cannot be destroyed.

After the discovery whenever an Ajin is found within society. They were arrested and taken into custody immediately. they were treated too harshly and were seen as a threat every time.

Kei Nagal is a high school student who wishes to become a doctor, have little knowledge of Ajin. They were taught that Ajin is not to be considered as a human and seen those only on the news as they are kept under a check.

Ajin Season 3 Release Date: When it is Going to Release Date & Other Updates

After a while, Kei meets a horrible accident and survives but gaining some signaling of Ajin as Kei rebirth and starts his days of torment. Along the way, Kei finds himself alone in the entire world. But Kei realizes that more of his species may be closer than he thinks. And the story of Ajin Season 3 will pick up from this point.

Ajin Cast

Most of the cast members will be returning in the third season with some change inside characters. Some of the characters are Kei Nagai (the main character ) voiced by Mamoru Miyano,

Kaito (a close friend of Kei) voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya. Some Ajin group people like Sato( the leader of the pro – Ajin movement) voiced by Hochu Otsuka and many more characters.

Ajin Trailer

Ajin Season 3 Release Date

Until now polygon pictures haven’t announced another season but hope they will announce it soon!

Ajin is available on Netflix. So those who aren’t caught up with the show can watch over there.

But until we have a definitive release date for Ajin Season 3 you can check out more news about No Game No Life Season 2 & More

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