Akame ga Kill Season 2: Release Date, Will 2021 be its Airing Year?

A ruthless killer with a soft core, Akame, frontlines the list of characters of this extremely graphic and gory series titled Akame ga Kill Season 2 or Akame ga Kiru. The series is based on the Japanese manga created by Takahiro and illustrated by Tetsuya Tashiro. The visuals of the show can be triggering for people who can’t stand blood spills and gore.

Due to this reason, a lot of scenes therein were censored for the public the first time the show was premiered in Japan. Anyhow, there are some other animes as well that don’t shun the visual content and are still able to gather a loyal fanbase. The fans of Akame ga Kill are no different and are actually looking forward to the release of Season 2. Is it finally headed towards its premiere date?

About Akame ga Kill Season 2

Here’s another aspect that can’t be ignored. It’s become a living joke among the fans of the series that even if the show does return for another season. Now the question is, who’s going to be part of the team? Especially since *SPOILER ALERT* most of the characters are dead!

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Akame ga Kill Season 2 Confirmed? Is a Reboot or Spin-off on the cards in the future?

The Official Announcement

At present, there is no confirmation of the renewal of Akame ga Kill Season 2. It’s merely speculative that the show might be returning with another season soon. On the other hand, some rumors claim that the story has been concluded for good and there’s no use waiting for more content. But I know you feel that is this the Last time you can watch your Favourite Charecters? Wait a bit, I think something great is coming up just for you.

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Akame ga Kill Season 2 Release Date

For the time being it’s just us being hopeful for the future of the series since there has been no word from the mouth of the official sources. 2017 finally gave us a sequel to the manga series and was titled  “Hinowa ga Crush”.

As we already know most of the characters have already died in the first season. And therefore the only hope left for the revival of the series is through the introduction of new characters as was also done in the manga sequel. Maybe the plot of “Hinowa ga Crush” will be used to develop a second season. There is also a possibility of a reboot or spin-off series of Akame ga Kill. But all things considered, the possibility of Season 2 of Akame ga Kill happening is very slim. This is because the anime has adapted the original Manga.

So there is no content left to adapt. However, we could expect the creators to adapt the sequel manga Hinowa ga Crush! or the Prequel Spin-Off Series Akame ga Kill! Zero. This could very well happen as the latest example is the Tokyo Ghoul series.

The Storyline

The series plots the movement of a countryside boy named Tatsumi. His aim is to move to the Capital along with his friends to make money and earn an identity of his own. He fails to join the army and is grateful to a family for having taken him in after he is separated from his friends.

Later, a group of assassins who go by the name “Night Raid” attack this family. He then realizes that the family had actually meant to torment him just like they did with his friends. Thereafter, starts his journey to becoming a member of this merciless group of assassins i.e. Night Raid.

Well, it seems that the next Season will have lots of twists and turns into the plot and that if you don’t watch it you will miss some big stuff. So do it you can Keep Checking the Release Date of it!

Watch the first season of Akame ga Kill on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

The Trailer

There’s no update on the second season as of now. Watch the trailer of Akame ga Kill Season 1 in the meantime.

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