All About “Google Pixel 4a”: From Pricing, Specification And Launch Date!! with 5G Connectivity Availability!!

When last month in a go, three companies came up with their middle budget phones, then Google fans were wholeheartedly waiting for Pixel 4a and Pixel 4a XL, the successors of Pixel 3a, and Pixel 3a XL respectively. The predecessors stepped up in the market last year in April only at Google’s annual I/O conference, which is not happening this year due to COVID 19 pandemic.

Google Pixel 4a Release Date can be May, June or Later

It is expected that when Motorola, Samsung, Apple have already revealed their mid-budget phone, Google should soon come up with its awaited phones in the category. However, the speculations for release is quite difficult this time, firstly because of the uncertain situation and secondly because we can only take reference from the launch of 3a and 3a XL.

A German site’s informer had claimed that possibly the Google Pixel 4a Release Date could be May 22, which is obviously turned out to be wrong. The next speculated launch date, which seems possible, is June 3, the day on which Google is planned to announce its Android 11. The date also seems possible because a company does not usually launch two of its product months apart on two different events.

All About "Google Pixel 4a": From Pricing, Specification And Launch Date!! with 5G Connectivity Availability!!

But for the worst that could happen, it is speculated by some like Android Police’s David Ruddock that the launch could be pushed back to July or after that.

The Price Detail of Google Pixel 4a

Samsung’s Galaxy A51, the latest of company’s A-series, is priced for $399, and the same is chosen by Apple’s iPhone SE while Moto G Power and G Stylus from Motorola became first from the company in sub-$300 categories. The experts suggest that $399 is the price that appeals consumers most when it comes to the mid-budget section.

Pixel 4a’s predecessor has stepped in with $399, £399, and AU$649 in the market while another phone 3a XL was marked at $479, £469, and AU$799. Experts suggest that the upcoming Google Pixel 4a Price would be $399 only.All About "Google Pixel 4a": From Pricing, Specification And Launch Date!! with 5G Connectivity Availability!!

The reasons behind not increasing the price are reported to be two. First says that going beyond $399 could demotivate consumers and could decrease the expected sale greatly while another reason spoke in favor of experts that $399 seems appealing to customers.

Well, there is something more to this as 9to5Google’s Stephen Hall had once tweeted that the price for 4a could be only $349. Well, what’s better than this, and it could turn out to be correct if the upcoming phone is signing off from some premium features.

Expected Android Version on Google Pixel 4a: 10 Or 11?

A beta version of Android 11 already has a launch date on its name as reported above, so possibly Pixel 4a, which is speculated to come with Android 11 or after, could possibly have this updated Android version. But again, the short timeline could be the next problem here.

All About "Google Pixel 4a": From Pricing, Specification And Launch Date!! with 5G Connectivity Availability!!So, the next possibility is that Pixel 4a reached to fans with old Android 10 and later got updated to Android 11. This seems optimistic as the same has happened with previous phone Pixel 3a, which came up with Android 9 of 2018 and later on updated for Android 10, which was launched with the phone only.

Google Pixel 4a is Coming with 5G Connectivity!!! 

Well, if Pixel 4a is coming up with 5G connectivity, then it would not be a surprise as Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765 chipset could make it possible in the cheap category phones though some believe that 5G connectivity would be debuted with flagship Pixel 5, which is expected in October this year. We do already have a cheap 5G phone in the market, and these are Coolpad Legacy 5G  and the TCL 10 5G.

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