Another Life Season 2: Katee Sackhoff & JayR Tinaco are Returning in the Sequel with more Bang

Katee Sackhoff¬†starred Netflix’s science fiction series follows her character Niko. Niko Breckenridge, an astronaut, leads a mission to search answers to questions after a mysterious structure manifested on Earth started emitting indistinguishable signals to a distant planet.

The gist of season 1

An alien based artifact plants itself in the Earth, its intentions unclear. The team of scientists that includes Niko’s husband Erik is unable to determine what the artifact is. Niko is appointed as the commander of a ship, named Salvare.

She is torn between choosing her family or the mission. She chooses the mission as she knows that the mission would be a failure without her. They head towards the planet Pi Canis Majors, which had been receiving the signals from the artifact.

During their soma sleep on the ship, half of the crew is awakened by William, (a hologram on the ship, programmed to feel human emotions, including a panic attack when the situations get intense). The other half is still in soma sleep to compensate for the loss.

William informs Niko that they have encountered a complication on their route to the planet. The crew battles the adverse situation; many of the crew members of Salvare are killed.

While on Earth, Niko’s husband, Erik, is doing his best to parent his daughter, Jana, while simultaneously studying the artifact. Both Niko and Erik have done an admirable job of carrying out their story-lines.

Will there be Another Life Season 2?

With the show’s first season receiving a dismal score of 6% on Rotten Tomatoes clearly reflects that the audience is not pleased with the story-line. However, all this isn’t stopping Netflix from resuming the journey of Another life through space.

Netflix has renewed the series for season 2. The production was to begin in March 2020. However, the coronavirus pandemic has shifted the date, therefore prolonging its release date.

What to expect from season 2?

Although season 1 has problems due to its convoluted and disorderly plot, yet the series is intriguing, each episode’s ending urges you to watch another.

There is still much more potential in the story and characters that have been untouched. It is only at the end of the season that the story starts to gain depth. Certainly, we can expect season 2 to be much better than season 1.

The crew of Salvare discovers the heinous intentions of the alien race, Achaia, whose only aim is to destroy the human race and make them their slaves.

Another Life season 2 may see Erik under the same mind control as Harper Glass. A conflict could arise where Erik is the antagonist, and Niko will be forced to fight her own husband.

Niko is a threat to Achaia, so it makes sense that they could use her husband to try and stop her. Before that can happen, however, the Salvare must first make it back safely to Earth. And if the return journey is anything like the outward journey, that won’t be easy.

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