Asmongold Girlfriend 2023: Who is He Dating in 2023?

Before detailing who Asmongold Girlfriend is, one must have some basic idea about Asmongold. He is a well-established video game player and streamer and has more than 1.6 Million subscribers on YouTube and over 3 million followers on Twitch. He started this video gaming for leisure in 2014 and ended up doing it as a part of his career. Within a short period of time, he started earning from this platform. Currently, he is single but had a strong relationship with Pink Sparkles some one year back.

Personal Life Of Asmongold Girlfriend Before Breakup

Born on April 20, 1990, in Texas, he has been very close to his parents but then he hasn’t revealed much about his family and his personal life. His original name is Zack but then became popular as Asmongold. From 2018, Asmongold was in a relationship with Pink Sparkles. Asmongold and Pink Sparkles belonged to the same field and they were renowned YouTubers. Apart from gaining popularity as a YouTuber, she was also regarded as a content writer, Instagram icon, video game streamer, and gamer.

Is Pink Sparkles Still Asmongold Girlfriend?

They started their relationship back in August 2018 but they haven’t confessed their love to each other. They appeared to be in deep love and this created some rumors among their fans that they were dating. But recent reports show that both of them departed in their own ways.

Since they haven’t disclosed their relationship in front of the media, their breakup also remained away from the limelight.

Is Asmongold and Pink Sparkles Still together?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. The news of their breakup hurt their fans. For their fans, they were the best couple. The main reason for their breakup as per Pink Sparkles is her depressed mental state. She was not at all happy in her relationship with Asmongold. She couldn’t enjoy life to the fullest and was greatly depressed. They had been together only for one and a half years.

About Asmongold Girlfriend or ex-Girlfriend, Pink Sparkles

Pink Sparkles is a Polish Twitch Streamer known as Izzy “Pink Sparkles” G. She left Poland and now presently lives in California. In Poland, she was an educator for a very long time prior to turning into a League of Legends streamer.

Asmongold Girlfriend 2023: Who is He Dating in 2023?

She was brought up in Poland. She went to a local private school there.

She was an educator. In 2015, she made a YouTube channel that started her profession as an influencer.

By and large, she plays League of Legends while live streaming on Twitch. She at present has north of 1,000,000 million followers on Twitch. Her Twitch record of hers was briefly prohibited on October 22nd, 2020.

Name Pink Sparkles
Nickname Pink, Izzy
Profession Model, Twitch Star
Date of Birth 2 May 1995
Birthplace Poland
Age 26 years
Hometown California, US
Religion Christian
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Maritial Status Unmarried

Journey to Twitch

Other than being known as Asmongold Girlfriend, she also started her career in social media as a beauty vlogger on YouTube. Her contents were more of fashion, styling, hairstyles, and beauty tips. Although she had many fans and supporters, her life-changing event as a Twitch person happened in 2015. And a further leap in her career took place after her alliance with Asmongold became popular. Her relationship with Asmongold helped her to have more fans and that made her career as a gamer more strong and more secure.

Asmongold Networth: Is Asmongold a Millionaire?

According to the latest earning reports of 2023, Asmongold is supposed to have total assets of around $200 thousand and while thinking about his general accomplishment on Twitch, he is supposed to have various supporters and brand bargains. In any case, in spite of having a bigger number of devotees on Twitch than supporters on YouTube, he has had the option to earn countless perspectives on his 3 channels consistently.

Generally, he ought to have the option to get around 40 million views on his YouTube channel consistently and has around 18k subscribers with a record-breaking high of more than 29.5k subscribers on Twitch. Thus, his general total assets are supposed to be around $3 million.

With this data, we can safely estimate that Asmongold is ought to convert these 40 million views into an income of around $160-200k each month. Furthermore, Asmongold likewise has more than 18k supporters on Twitch at present, a number that will in general vary consistently. This ought to result in around $40k in profit consistently. Furthermore, Asmongold is likewise one of the established individuals from the gaming association “One True Kind.” Subsequently, he is supposed to procure a nice sum from his job in the association close to his different sponsorship-related profits.

In general, Asmongold’s yearly profit is assessed to be between $2.5 and 3 million consistently. This incorporates his income from the different virtual entertainment stages he is dynamic on, alongside different sponsorships/brand bargains that he has marked.

Asmongold Girlfriend 2023: Who is He Dating Now?

People have always speculated about celebrities and their dating life. And that is also the case for Asmongold. Fans were not surprised when they found out that he was dating Pink Sparkles. However, they were shocked to hear about their breakup. Although we didn’t much insight into the reason behind Asmongold Girlfriend’s Breakup, he did come out and confirmed the news to his fans to stop any base rumors.

And since then we haven’t heard anything about Asmongold’s dating life. Therefore it is safe to assume that Asmongold is currently single in 2023. But rest assured we will update you as soon as there is an update.

Frequently Asked Questions About Asmongold Girlfriend

Is Asmongold a Millionaire?

Asmongold has over 1 million subscribers on Youtube and over 3 million followers on twitch. Therefore it is safe to say that yes he is a millionare.

Who is Asmongold Izzy?

For those who want to know who Izzy is, She is Asmongold’s ex-girlfriend Pink Sparkles who also goes by the name of Izzy. Izzy’s real name is Samantha Tomlensen.

What is Asmongold’s last name?

Although we do not know Asmongold’s last name, his real name is Zack.

What city does Asmongold live in?

Zack aka Asmongold lives in Austin, Texas

Why did Asmongold get banned?

Asmongold was recently banned from World of Warcraft. This news was confirmed by Asmongold himself on stream where he read an email from the devs of World of Warcraft. The email explained that Asmongold was banned from World of Warcraft for allegedly engaging in real money transactions (RMT) and this was explained as the reasoning behind his ban.

However, Asmongold was quick to counter and refute these claims. He said that he hasn’t done any real money transactions (RMT) in World of Warcraft while calling out the devs Blizzard for their recent string of banning players for supposedly unsubstantiated reasons or banning players and then quickly overturning the decision. After getting a massive backlash for their unsubstantiated ban of Asmongold’s channel by Asmongold’s fans and Wow Community, they were quick in undoing their ban.

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