Netflix has Green Light Baki Season 3 & Season 4: Here’s the Expected Release Date & Other Details

Baki is a renowned Manga series famous in the world with the name of Baki: The Grapper. The series is in serialization since 1991, and till now, a number of anime series have been launched on the concept, and they all made a place at fans’ hearts. All credit goes to the amazing plot.

But the popularity never had the level that it has now. It gained worldwide applause when the series was released on the worldwide platform through Netflix. We all know that once Netflix gets associated with something, the success soars to another level, and the same happened with Baki when it was released here back in December 2018.

The Arrival Of Season 3!

The good news for its fans is that the series is returning with its third season. The announcement was made in March, and later on, Netflix announced the worldwide premiere in June. Obviously, we are getting it after its release in Japan, but fans will be overjoyed when they will get to know that we have a confirmed release date for its worldwide release. The series will hit Netflix on June 4, 2020, that is Thursday.

Though it is not confirmed whether we are getting all episodes at one go or it will be a curiosity game, and the way in which the announcement was made proclaims that the latter case is true. Expectedly, we will get one episode per week.

Teaser: A Sneak Peek

Baki’s official page has also shown up an official teaser, which must have thrilled all who had a look. Here it is:

A Go-Ahead For Season 4?

The trend of release shows that a season has 26 episodes in Japan, and they got split into part 1 and part 2, while each part is having 13 episodes. Season 1 was released in the same manner in Japan, while in other parts of the world, we had two seasons of 13 episodes each.

With this, we can assume that a second part should be released soon in Japan, which will turn out to be the fourth season of Baki on the worldwide platform as Season 3 contains only 13 episodes.

Baki is a story of Baki Hanma, who is passionate about sharpening his fighting skills to be slated above than his father in martial art. He is on tour to accomplish his goal, and that is how the plot progresses into a great fight between various martial artists and five inmates who are serving death row.

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