Batwoman Episode 17 Release Date & Major Plot [Leak] What will Happen? Read to know

Superhero TV series Batwoman has its Season 1 going on right now. Recently on March 8, 2020, the show has completed its 14th episode and left with 3 more episodes to finish the season.

14th Episode is directed by Michale Blundell and written by Denise Harkavy, both leaving their first mark on the series. As per wiki, 0.75 million users have watched it already. It is mildly loved by the audience as well as critics.

Batwoman Episode 17 Release Date & plot

Batwoman Episode 17 is the last episode of this season and its relevance and connectivity to all episodes. “A Narrow Escape” is the title of the episode.

Currently, Batwoman is involved in many personal affairs of her life that she is still unaware of the future daemonic giant problems and villain heading towards her. Kate (Ruby Rose) keeps her mind involved in her love affair and meetup with Sophie (Meagan Tandy) at the rooftop.

On Sophie’s side, Mary (Kate’s stepsister – Rachel Skarsten) is worried if Sophie knows that Kate is the Batwoman. On Kate’s side, Luke tries to convince Kate to break bonds to prevent Sophie from becoming a target in the near future. And she does try to have a breakup, and in the middle of it, Sophie attempts a kiss. This fails her attempt to break off things with Sophie.

Kate's meeting with Sophie on rooftop

Outside of their story, someone in the town of Gotham starts attacking models on faces with the boxcutter in an attempt to give the Joker smile on every Insta influencer face. Further digging the story, Kate and Sophie discover that the slasher is probably Duela, who Alice uses to reach to Campbell.

Alice further talks to Mary about Kate’s secret as Batwoman. Further scenes reveal that Alice already knew about her role, but Mary learned it only in the previous episode. Although Kate doesn’t know that Mary knows, it seems like the story is turning out to be a head-to-head between blood-sister vs. stepsister.

Batwoman Episode 17 summary 

Although the story of episode 17 isn’t as great as the first few episodes, it is one of the unique and breakthrough episodes. The role of the villain is getting more important in this episode and how a villain adds spice to the story.

Alice is pushing Campbell to know the story of Mouse and what Campbell did with Mouse. It will be interesting to know how Campbell reacts further to it and how Alice reveals the sin of Campbell.

The next episode of Batwoman i.e., Episode 15 – “Off with Her Head,” will air on The CW on March 15, 2020. We’ll come up with a review and plot of the next episode as it airs.

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