Berserk Season 3: Release Date, Is it Returning? More News!

A highly criticized anime that managed to get a fan following,  Berserk Season 3 has been in demand for a while. Fans have been wondering whether a new season is on the horizon or if they will be disappointed. The two seasons of this project which were adapted from the manga of the same name aired from July 1, 2016, to June 23, 2017.  It’s been over three years since the last episode aired and there has been a lot of speculation in the air. We hope to clear the air. Here’s everything we know so far. 

Berserk Season 3 Storyline

Berserk Season 3 Returning? News, Updates & More

‘Berserk’ is the continuation of the Golden Age Arc film trilogy. The story follows Guts. He is now branded for death. He is destined to continuously be hunted by demons until the day he dies. Guts vow to exact revenge on the person responsible. To do so he takes up the epic blad named ‘Dragonslayer’. Along the way, Guts teams up with an unlikely group of people that he meets. This includes a small elf named Puck and a young thief who wants to learn swordsmanship named Isidro. 

The storyline of Berserk Season 3 will most likely be about the ending of the Falcon of the Millennium Empire story arc.

The Criticism

The show has been highly criticized by lovers of the manga along with fans of the show. Despite the criticism, the anime garnered a very loyal fan following. This anime is not the first adaptation from the manga. It was first adopted in 1997. So, fans of the original series had high expectations. The criticisms that the anime has received are on a few aspects of it. The criticisms from various sources are:

It didn’t follow the source material much and improvised a lot.

The animation was not up to the mark.

The action scenes were mediocre.

The dialogue was tedious to listen to. 

Overall, people said that the show seemed like a fan-made project. However, even though all this, fans really enjoyed the show and want more from the studios. It has been accepted as one of the best anime of all time.  Will Berserk Season 3 focus on these Shortcomings?

The Source Material

The manga series of the same name was first published on April 25, 1989. The publishing hasn’t stopped since. There are currently 40 volumes of the manga. This anime series was used to increase the sales of Volumes 38, 39, and 40 between the years 2016 to 2017. So, the studio will most likely wait for a new volume before green-lighting a third season. We expect this to happen soon because the manga has not finished yet. So, keep a lookout for more information about this.

Berserk Season 3 Release Date

The anime’s author, Shin Itagaki has shown interest in making more series if the producers allow it. However, there is no word on Berserk Season 3 yet.  The second season ended with the message that says “The Story Continues”. So, there is definite interest from Millepensee and GEMBA (the studios responsible for the show)  in continuing the anime. However, the third season has been on hiatus for more than three years now. As mentioned earlier, we expect the show to release along with Volume 41 of the manga to boost its sales. This is expected to happen in 2021. So, once there is a release date, we will update you.

So there is no need to feel upset that this might not return for another season, post pandemic many things will come out and you never know this might do. So keep Hopes.

Berserk is currently available for viewing on Netflix and Crunchyroll.

The Trailer

There is no official trailer for the third season yet. But when there is we will definitely let you know. Check out the trailer for the second season below.

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