Best GIMP Plugins Totally Free| Top 10 Must Have Gimp Plugins in 2021

Right after Adobe Photoshop, GIMP is another great image editing application that is free and an open-source alternative compared to it. It might not be as immaculate as Photoshop but when it comes to basic usage, it contains all the right plugins and tools. Despite the contrast, GIMP is often recommended as an alternative to Linux newcomers. Today we have got you all covered for the  Best Gimp Plugins out there available in the market.

Top 10 Best Gimp Plugins

Here are the 10 best Plugins for you to make the most use of and instructions on how to install GIMP Plugins.

#1 BIMP (Batch Image Manipulation Plugin)- Best Gimp Plugins

This particular plugin lets you resize, rotate, crop, resize, rename, and watermark your images. It is absolutely practical as it saves a lot of time and does the job well. To check your progress or the changes that you make, it lets you preview it in the plugin window. It is a necessary plugin to have in your software.

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#2 G’MIC (GREYC’s Magic Image Computing)

With over 500 presets and filters to apply and enhance your pictures, it is one of the most popular GIMP Plugins. Use noise reduction, red-eye removal, and other photo repairing tools to bring out the best in them. You can even customize the settings; however, the default settings are decent as it is. Access these in the “Filters” menu. In case you want to test out G’MIC before installing it, you can try your hands on the online version that runs on your browser.

Best GIMP Plugins Totally Free| Top 10 Must Have Gimp Plugins in 2021

#3 FX Foundry – Best Gimp Plugins

Manipulate or customize your photos with a massive collection of effects and scripts with FX Foundry’s very own menu in GIMP. Each effect has its own dialogue through which you can easily fine-tune right before modifying your images. It is considered one of the best plugins in GIMP for image editing. 

Best GIMP Plugins Totally Free| Top 10 Must Have Gimp Plugins in 2021

#4 Layer via Copy/Cut

This plugin helps you to create different layers for applying multiple changes or to group them in a photo. It is similar to what Photoshop consists of regarding layers. It is especially practical for designers, but even so, if you are just another avid user of the application the plugin makes it convenient. Copy, cut, and move layers efficiently. Once the plugin is installed, access is from the “Layers” menu.

#5 Resynthesizer

Remove objects with the help of this plugin, repeat textures for better titling or seamless image healing, transfer textures from image to image, etc. it is similar to Content-Aware Fill in Photoshop and helps you give an entirely new touch to your photos. Installing this plugin should be a must for exceptional results. 

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#6 UFRaw

Useful for professional photographers as it edits raw images. Use different image corrections such as exposure control, colour adjustment, temperature setting, and much more. By using Batch Workflow edit photos in bulk, all of it at once. The plugin is great ad should definitely be downloaded if you are a professional photographer. 

Best GIMP Plugins Totally Free| Top 10 Must Have Gimp Plugins in 2021

#7 Refocus – Best Gimp Plugins

Get rid of blurred images with this plugin. Refocus and correct the blurred images by adjusting certain parameters. This special method is called FIR Wiener filtering that lets you adjust the parameters in the plugin dialogue. Once done, before saving you can preview the final image.

#8 Wavelet Decompose 

Reduce noise in your photos which are caused by low light or incorrect camera settings. By using simple sliders, the plugin makes your photographs look sharp. The plugin takes advantage of frequency separations and divides the image into multiple layers which enables it to have control over the details. This helps you to decide whether you want to keep them or not. 

#9 Watermark

Content theft is a thing and happens quite often on the internet which impossible to virtually stop. However, there are ways to at least help prevent it by putting your mark on the images or digital art. This efficient plugin helps you to add watermark text to your images. With just a few basic adjustments such as fonts, size, and positioning of the watermark.

#10 Stick Panorama– Best Gimp Plugins

Stitch together multiple images, performing blending, distort matching, as well as colour correction by the help of this useful and popular plugin. It comes with all the essential features that are required to create a beautiful Panorama. 

Not sure how to Install the Best GIMP Plugins? Read Here

Usually, most of the plugins can be automatically downloaded by just opening the folder and clicking on the installer. However, certain plugins require manual installation and are not supported by the automatic method. These are either phyton(.py) or script-fu(.scm) type. Follow the instructions below to install them in GIMP:

  1. The first step is to unzip the plugin’s zip file.
  2. Step two, in case your plugin is in a .py format, you will have to move it to the GIMP Plug-Ins folder. The path would look like this – C: \Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\plug-ins
  3. In the other case, if your plugin is in a .scm format, you will have to move it to the Scripts folder. The path would look like this – C: \Program Files\GIMP 2\share\gimp\2.0\scripts 
  4. Once you are done, you can finally proceed by restarting GIMP.

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