Best Mobile Games for Gamers to Try Out

Playing games on a mobile device has never been more popular, demonstrated by the fact that profits from mobile games are expected to hit $100 billion by the end of next year. One of the reasons why mobile gaming has taken off to such a degree is that appeals to both hardcore and occasional gamers.

That is because many of the games created for mobiles are ones that can be played quite quickly and easily. Plus their availability on phones makes it possible to play them on the move, during lunch breaks and other parts of the day.

With mobile technology getting better all the time, mobile gaming will keep growing in popularity. Here are the best games for mobiles to try out in 2022.

Grand Theft Auto V

This is the single biggest game for mobiles that is on the market right now and it just has to be played by anyone with an interest in gaming. The entire Grand Theft Auto series is a genuine cultural phenomenon and this mobile specific title shows why that is.

Like the other games in the franchise, the setting is the city of San Andreas and the main characters are Franklin, Trevor and Michael. One thing about this game that will really appeal to serious gamers is the carefully delineated personalities of each character – they are fully thought-through creations.

This adrenaline-rush action game also features spectacular graphics, so players will want to play it on a phone with a decent screen. The point of the game is to carry out heists while dodging the attentions of crime gangs and dubiousUS government agencies.

This is an open world game so there are no restrictions on player movement and it can be played as a first-person or third-person game. It is a cynical world for players to immerse themselves in, but a thrilling one.

Chasin’ Rainbows Instant Gold

This is one of the numerous themed slots games that can be played at an online casino, but Chasin’ Rainbows Instant Gold is the one to try first. For one thing, there is a maximum jackpot of 6000 coins available for the winner.

That chance to combine fun play with a cash win is a big part of the attraction of casino games and something no other type of mobile game can offer. This particular slot really delivers as an actual game too.

There are three separate stages to the play, each offering a different potential prize. This slot also has a strong 98.4% return-to-player percentage and can be bet on with tiny sums of money.


This game sums up exactly what so many people love about mobile gaming: it is fast, fun and colorful. Inspired by the Breakout arcade game, it involves collecting as many balls as possible and using them to try to break apart the blocks on the screen.

If it sounds simple that is because it is, but Ballz is compulsive and players will quickly find themselves wanting to play again at every free moment. Its quick-fire gaming makes it the ideal choice to help relieve stress during the day.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

From the very simple to this complex and involving iPhone game that is part of the iconic Assassin’s Creed franchise. One of the reasons this is such a top game is that the graphics realize its Dark Ages world with a stunning degree of detail and depth.

Playing it will really plunge the gamer into that world, which is what they want from role-playing games such as this. It is also an open-world one, providing players with much more freedom to truly explore its dark and dangerous landscapes.

The lead character is Viking Eivor and the purpose of the game is to claim a place in Valhalla through a combination of violent raiding, political machinations and settlement building. There is a lot to do here, so it is one to dedicate hours at a time to.


This is a fantasy game, but the world that it places the player in is altogether more benign than those of Assassin’s Creed or Grand Theft Auto. The overall point of Elvenar is to construct cities of visual beauty – as many and as large as possible.

That is not to suggest that the game-play here is simple, because it is not. There are three different levels to Elvenar: questing, research and exploration. The first sees the player completing tasks that help with the building of their city and sometimes move the game along.

The exploration aspect of the play means taking time away from actual building to learn valuable information that can improve look of the city and help the player gain resources that they need. Finally the exploration part allows the player to expand beyond their initial location to other parts of the world and construct attractive cities there.

Elvenar may not suit fans of action-oriented mobile games, as it is more a game of patience and thought. Mobile gamers who are not as keen on action and violence will find themselves immersed in it though and it is completely free to download to a device.

All of that makes it the finest fantasy title for mobile phones right now.

These are best games to add to a phone, from action and role-playing ones to casino and fantasy games.