Black Clover Episode 128: ASTA Join Hands With YUNO. Read More To Know Complete Story & Release

Black Clover the anime which is entirely on adventure and fantasy. Yūki Tabata, the writer of the original manga series, did lots of hard work to bring the anime at this point. 

Black Clover Episode 128: Story Recap

Black Clover made its video adaptations in 2017. The protagonist of the story is a boy who is born in the magical. He is not born with a gift of magic which is very unacceptable in the world he is born. The boy, Asta, gets to know about his ability soon when he grows up. He acquires his powers by physical workouts. 

When Asta was young, he got left out in an orphanage. He grew up with Yuno another orphan boy with immense magical strength.

Black Clover - Previous Scenes
Black Clover – Previous Scenes

Black Clover will not follow the pace with manga for the time. The anime will only support the manga timeline along with ten episodes. 

Asta, the orphan boy, trains hard to get his magical strength, he joins hand with Yuno to join the squad of Magic Knight, to reach towards their goals. 

Black Clover Episode 128: Episodic Plot

The episodes of Black Clover went on Air last on March 24. Every week on Tuesday, the chapters are premiered. So, the next episode will be coming out on March 31. According to JST 7:00 pm the show will get aired on screens. Later, the episode will be on the streaming sites.

The best place to watch anime online is Funimation and Crunchyroll. They will get updated with episode 128 as soon as it goes on Air. 

Black Clover - Previous Scenes
Black Clover – Previous Scenes

In episode 128, Asta and his squad get permission to enter the Heart Kingdom. Asta never realizes the trap which is designed for him and his team. Although they grant permission to enter the kingdom, no safety is guaranteed to them.

Asta soon faces the traps and gets himself into danger as he proceeds to enter the country. 

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