Black Clover Episode 157 :Release Date, Recap and Preview is Here!

Black Clover continues to be one of the most popular and followed series around the world on Crunchyroll. The fourth season of Black Clover technically started two weeks ago with episode 155. But, a break is expected in the scheduling at the end of December.

Overview of Black Clover Episode 157

The training begins

To learn the Mana method and acquire new powers, Asta and the others train their hardest in the Heart Kingdom. Gaja is giving Asta a hard time to see how far he can go or surpass his limit.  Asta blindly attacks Gaja, at full speed and Gaja dodges slows, hitting him with his powers at his back.

Yami is still in the volcano mountain working harder to surpass his limits. At the training ground, Asta attacks again with his Anti-magic sword. Gaja unleashes Lightning Magic: Tenjiolia and Asta block it with his sword. Asta jumps up, thinking that he has caught Gaja off-guard and he was struck with the lightning. Black Clover Episode 157 will come in 2021?

Black Clover Episode 157 :Release Date, Recap and Preview is Here!

Asta screams while hitting the ground, and when he is at the ground, he started wondering what is happening. He asks himself why he can’t even hit Gaja with a single hit. Gaja reveals that he is just holding back to give Asta time, or he would have destroyed him earlier. Gaja reveals that the Anti-magic (his strength) has led Asta to victory so far.

Asta yells that he must let him have another try, and Gaja notice Asta’s will of not giving up has strengthened him. He also realizes that they are getting better with their training. Meanwhile, Yami went where Mereleon is and calls her Sisgoleon, and she asks him why he calls her that or is he here to defeat one of the magical beasts. Yami challenges her to fight him. Black Clover Episode 157 will continue on this?

Black Clover Episode 157 :Release Date, Recap and Preview is Here!

The breaking of limits

Yami and Mereleon started to exchange blows while Asta enters in his half-human half-demon mode. He attacks Gaja with Bla Meteorite, and Gaja notices that he is tracking his mana. Gaja manages to stop him and pins him with the ground again while giving him some clues to use his Anti-magic powers. Later, Yami and Asta mage to surpass the limit. Yami send Mereoleon flying with a lighting slash, and Asta uses his anti-magic sword and sends Gaja flying. Black Clover Episode 157 is expected soon!

Gaja praises him for that, showing that it was a powerful attack. All the trainers went back to the castle with their trainees to report about their performance. At the Spade Kingdom, Zenon reveals that no one is going to stop them with their plan.

Black Clover Episode 157 Release Date

Black Clover Episode 157 :Release Date, Recap and Preview is Here!

Black Clover Episode 157 is scheduled to release on Tuesday, December 22nd for premium users on Crunchyroll. But for free users, it will be released on Tuesday, December 29th.

The Preview

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