Black Season 2: Release Date and Everything we need to know

Black is a South Korean drama series directed by Kim Hong-sun and written by Choi Ran. The show pits the supernatural realm against the real world and builds up the suspense with each episode. Once you start watching it, there’s no going back. The fantasy-thriller released in 2017 brings together a great cast that serves their roles impeccably and received a positive reception from the audience. We’ve been waiting for some kind of news to emerge regarding Black Season 2 ever since it ended its run in December 2017. Let’s see if it is actually happening.

The drama has been created by Studio Dragon, the same studio that brought us other glorious names like “Legend of the Blue Sea”, “A Korean Odyssey”, “Stranger”, “Children of Lesser God” and more. The show takes the trope of star-crossed lovers to another level by bringing together a grim reaper and a human being who has the ability to see such supernatural creatures. Other than the chemistry between the two, the presence of a strong woman protagonist uplifts the show to greater heights.

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Black Season 2 Announcement & Release Date

Season 1 of Black aired on 14 October till 10 December 2017 for 18 episodes . All cliffhangers and unresolved issues within the story were tied up and concluded as the first season approached its finale. But, if the critical acclaim and the popularity gained by the show throughout its run is taken into count then there’s still a good chance of the show being renewed for another season. As of now, nothing has been confirmed in that light by the official sources. If and when something pops up, we’ll notify you instantly.

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Black Storyline

In the hunt for his partner, Black- a grim reaper starts investigating a series of murder cases that take him away from his purpose as a grim reaper. The problem is further heightened when he ends up falling in love with a woman from the mortal world, thus breaking the supernatural code of conduct laid down for his type that forbids them to engage with their human counterparts. However, the story doesn’t end there. Secrets of the past haunt them and scar their paths, thereby making it even worse.

Season 1 of Black is available for streaming on Netflix.

Black Season 2 Characters

All the characters and the cast members who got to play them have already earned a name for themselves and warmed the hearts of the audience. It would be nice if the old cast comes back to reprise their respective roles in the second season, if it is ever confirmed.

  • Han Moo-gang (Detective) / Black (Grim Reaper #444) played by Song Seung-heon
  • Young Han Moo-gang played Choi Seung-hun
  • Kang Ha-ram played by Go Ara
  • Child Kang Ha-ram played by Ock Ye-rin
  • Young Kang Ha-ram played by Choi Myung-bin
  • Yoon Soo-wan played by Lee El
  • Young Yoon Soo-wan played by Song Soo-hyun
  • Oh Man-soo played by Kim Dong-jun
  • Child Oh Man-soo played by Lee Seung-woo
  • ¬†Young Oh Man-soo played by Lee Geon-ha

Black Season 2 Trailer

Since the trailer of Black Season 2 hasn’t been released yet, check out the trailer of Black Season 1 below:

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