Boruto Naruto Next generations episode 177: Release Date, Preview & Everything you need to know

Yamanaka Inojin is selected to be part of a new operational task for the sensing team in Boruto Naruto Next Generations Episode 177. The new episode is titled “The Iron Wall’s Sensing System.”

The Yamanaka clan are specialists at sensing and transmission. Therefore, it makes sense when Inojin joins the test. The official preview trailer for Episode 177 shows Boruto also joining Inojin for the new test. It might be a part of protecting the village from the ongoing Kara operators’ threat.

Boruto Naruto next generations episode 177: Recap

In the last episode, Konohamaru and Mugino meet the Seventh Lord and present their report. Shikamaru tells them that due to the gravity of the topic, they have asked Lady Fifth and Lord Sixth to join the meeting.

The two Hokage get to know that Deepa and Victor are unknown figures, not listed in the Bingo books. Mugino reveals they were unlike anyone that they have battled so far.

Meanwhile, Naruto reveals that he asked Sai and his ANBU to further investigate the matter in the Land of Valleys. And, after investigating Victor’s secret room, they found a pattern on his wall that confirmed that it belonged to the Kara. Naruto fears that Victor and Deepa most likely have reinforcements. Sai also reveals that during his investigation, the word “vessel” kept popping up in Victor’s research.

Boruto Naruto Next generations episode 177: Release Date, Preview & Everything you need to know

The fact that a secret organization like Kara has been operating for such a long time shocks Naruto. Also, Kara operatives being scattered across all Five Nations intrigues Naruto.

Now, Naruto needs to decide if they want to close the borders of the village and stop any kind of infiltration. Toward the end of the episode, Naruto decides to keep the borders open, but increase the security to find any Kara member.

Boruto Naruto Next generations episode 177 Release Date

Episode 177 will be released on Sunday, 6 December 2020, at 5:30 PM JST. New episodes of Boruto Naruto Next Generation are released every Sunday.

You can watch this Anime officially on Crunchyroll.


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