Breathe Season 3: Release Date. Has R.Madhavan Signed S3?

After the second well-received season, fans are wondering if there will be a Breathe Season 3. After the first two seasons, a new story would be a very welcome addition to the online platform. There hasn’t been any news from Abundantia Entertainment about a new season. However, it is not off the books. As of now, it is just hanging in the air. So, in this article, we will talk about the previous shows and what to expect from a new season. Read on to know what we think will happen. Also, let us know your thoughts in the comments. 

Breathe Season 3: Timeline & What To Expect

This series is relatively recent. The first season aired on January 26, 2018. All the episodes aired on the same day. As a result, how it was received was apparent almost immediately. It has mixed reviews as some found the concept weird and some enjoyed it. The second season is titled “Breathe: Into the Shadows.

This premiered on July 10, 2020. It was relatively well-received. Both seasons have a simple premise. They look at what lengths a person would go to for someone they love. Both the seasons have different stories but a similar premise. Will Breathe Season 3 get the same Love?

Breathe Season 3: Release Date. Has R.Madhavan Signed the Next Season?

So, if a third season does happen, it will most likely follow the same premise. However, what it will be exactly is hard to say. However, you can definitely speculate. What do you think will happen in the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments below. 

The Cast & Crew

The first two seasons had different actors bring the characters to life. The first season starred R. Madhavan, Amit Sadh, and Atharva Vishwakarma. The second season starred Abhishek Bachchan, Amit Sadh, and Nithya Menen among others. It is safe to say that a lot of the cast will change to accommodate the new story. However, we can expect Amit Sadh to reprise his role as Kabir Sawant in Breathe Season 3. 

Apart from that, the crew would most likely have some consistency. Mayank Sharma would be at the helm as the Director again. The executive producer would be Vikram Malhorta. However, this is all speculation. What will actually happen, we don’t know yet. We will have to wait to see it. 

Breathe Season 3: Release Date. Has R.Madhavan Signed the Next Season?

Where to Watch?

Breathe Season 3 is an Amazon Prime Original. The current seasons are available for viewing on Amazon Prime Video. So, if a new season does come out, it will almost definitely be available on the same platform. You can find the two seasons below. 

Breathe Season 3 Release Date

From what is visible, there was a two seasons gap between the two seasons. So, if we assume the same timeline, we can expect an announcement in late 2021. As a result, Breathe Season 3 would most likely come in 2022. Once we know more, you’ll know.

The Trailer

There is no official trailer for a new season yet. However, when there is one, we will definitely update you. In the meantime, check out the trailer for the first two seasons below. They should give you an idea of what kind of content to expect if you haven’t seen them yet.

Until we come with more Updates about this series, you can check Globin Slayer Season 2 & more.

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