Cable Girls Season 6 : Release Date, Is the new season of Cable Girls premiering soon?

A Spanish- language show, Cable Girls is a well-known series on Netflix for its unique plot and distinctive storyline. Five seasons of the show have already been released and the fans of the show are really looking forward to Cable Girls Season 6. The show is mostly known for its plot which includes several phases of passion, risk, inclination, and majorly it’s styling. The creators of the show are Ramón Campos and Gema R. Neira

In the last season endings of the operator girls are portrayed which raises the question that, will there be a sixth season of Cable Girls?

Is Cable Girls Season 6 happening?

In the last season of Cable Girls, we saw how one of the characters of the show had a miraculous escape from the prison, and eventually, the other girls try fixing the problem and save the people and shift to a different place. However, when at the end they think themselves to be safe, we see the officers shooting them.

The last season got premiered in February 2020 and got wrapped up by July 20. As per updates, the next season has been canceled by the showrunners. Netflix announced the end of cable girls after releasing the second part of season 5 which is labeled as Cable Girls Season 6.

Although the end has been satisfactory the fans are going to miss the show.


The Plot

The Cable girls is a show set in the early ’20s in Spain where four girls start working in a telecommunication company which leads to their independence and freedom. Four ladies with different mind frames and different reasons join this telecom company and end up being close friends. The show displays all aspects of the hardships and struggles faced by the women of the country working in 1920 of Spain. Filmed in Madrid majorly, the show also reveals the dominating trait of the male society.

What will be the storyline of season 6 if released has not yet been discovered.

Cable Girls Season 6 : Release Date, Is the new season of Cable Girls premiering soon?

The Cast

The previous seasons included four major actors namely, Blanca Suarez, Ana Fernandez, Nadia De Santiago, and Maggie Civantos as lead roles of the show. For the cast of six seasons, we will update as soon as the update regarding it comes to our knowledge.

The Trailer

You can check below the trailer of the fifth season which is termed to be the finale of Cable Girls as per the latest updates!

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