Charlie Cox aka Daredevil CONFIRMED joining Spiderman 3 cast along side Tom Holland

In the past, Netflix had canceled the Daredevil Season 4. But after Charliex Cox’s cameo in Spiderman No Way Home as Peter Parker’s lawyer, Matt Murdock, the same character that he plays in Daredevil, Disney has confirmed Daredevil Season 4. Although there are no update on when is Daredevil Season 4 returning, fans are still happy as Disney is acknowledging Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in the main MCU.

Marvel has taken over the Hollywood industry by storm and not only conventional or mainstream Hollywood but Netflix as well. To make it clear to all, “Marvels is the boss” right now, and no one can deny it. Avengers Endgame ended on a pretty satisfying note, and Spiderman Far From Home filled the rest of the loopholes that Avengers Endgame left.

In Spiderman Far From Home, we see Peter Parker and his friends go on a Euro trip where Spiderman encounters new foes. For those who have not watched Spiderman Far From Home, read with caution, cause there may be spoilers ahead.

After Tony Stark died, he left Peter Parker some special glasses that allow him to control Stark Industries. Mysterio, who seemed to be a friend, turns out to be the actual enemy who tricks Peter to give him the glasses to take control of stark industries. In the end, Spiderman finally gets the hang of his “Spidy Sense” and beats Mysterio in an epic battle. Mary Jane finds out that Peter Parker is Spiderman, and everything gets happily ever after.

With everything so perfect, what could Spiderman possibly be missing? How about a badass lawyer who is helping the poor by the day and fighting criminals at night. You guessed it right! We’re talking about the Daredevil.

Daredevil Season 3 ended on a very satisfying note, and the “I beat you” scene in which Matt Murdock fights Wilson Fisk and Bull’s-eye together is truly epic. Marvels Daredevil is one of the most loved shows on Netflix along with Iron fist. Unfortunately, producers have decided that Daredevil will not have a season 4.

However, recent rumors on the internet suggest that the Daredevil and Spiderman might feature in one same movie. As much as we all would love to see Matt Murdock and Peter Parker team up together, this time, rumors are just rumors. Charlie Cox confirmed it saying that he did not hear about the movie, and if there will actually be a movie, then Charlie Cox won’t be in it.

We’re sorry to disappoint all the fans this time, but it turns out that the rumors are just rumors and there won’t be an actual film.

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