[Confirmed] Kung Fu Panda 4: Jack Black, Angelina Jolie & Jackie Chan Returning, Release Date & What to Expect

Kung Fully Panda is an animated movie series filled with fun and laughter. The main character Po is a sweetheart meant to steal our hearts. This animation film, as of now, has 3 parts. And guess what they have confirmed Kung Fu Panda 4!

The Kung Fu Panda’s first film was released on 28 March 2008 while the last part, which is also the 3rd part released on 29 January 2016. And now the team has confirmed Kung Fu Panda 4.

The plot of the film is always light-hearted and, at the same time, makes us all emotional with a few scenes of conflict here and there.

Kung Fu Panda 4 will be again filled with some feel good and even a few overwhelming storylines. Mostly Po’s life about getting back to the valley and teaching others his skills. Also, his journey with his kids as the valley and how they will face the obstacles in there coming future.

This franchise is the biggest grossing animated film bagging a number of awards and acclaim, so the news about 3 more parts of the same film is rather exciting news. The critics of this movie are also positive. Yes, the team has revealed that there is going to be Kung Fu Panda 4 and then the 5th and 6th part.

The release date is not confirmed yet though there speculations that it might release in the year 2020 during winter. The trailer is doing rounds on the internet, making it sure about the release.

The excitement on knowing who is giving the voice of the characters in an animated film is always sky level high. And the same is for the Kung Fu Panda.

The main characters of Kung Fu Panda 4 are given the voices by the below-listed artists.

  • Jack Black as Po Ping
  • Jackie Chan as Monkey
  • Angelina Jolie as Tigress
  • Lucy Liu as Viper
  • Seth Rogen as Mantis
  • Dustin Hoffman as Master Shifu
  • James Hong as Ping and many more.


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