[Confirmed] Lil Dicky is Returning with Dave Season 2, Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer & More

Dave is a series about a comedian named  Rapper Lil Dicky, it is his autobiography that has been incorporated as a plot and storyline to the series. It also reflects on the fact that he rose high unexpectedly in his career and earned more than required fame in the hip hop world.

The show streams at Hulu and lasts for about half an hour. Season one of the show has already hit the theatres and did exceptionally well. people to date have been praising the plot and scenes.

However, it was recently heard that the show would be renewed for a second part or sequel. Follow us, for we have some thrilling and chilling news about the sequel.

Dave Season 2 Release Date:

Taklikng crisp and concise, the show has not really been confirmed for the second part. Sources say that there is a 90 % chance, we may again encounter the thrill with the sequel but there has been no concrete information or approval by the respective creators concerning the release of the seconds part.

But FX leaves no stone unturned to console the audience and especially the die-hard fans of the show, for it came up to announce that the show might air in 2020.

Dave Season 2 Trailer:

As of now, no trailer has been launched, we may get some idea on it in the near future if at all the show is being planned for its third part.

DAVE “Hype Man” Episode 5 (Airs Wednesday, March 25) — Pictured: Dave Burd as Dave. CR: Ray Mickshaw/FX


We all know that it is a semi-autobiography of the sparkling David in the hip-hop world but to add to that it also deviates from reality at some or the other point. In season 2, we will see Dave dealing with his first album of life, the making of the song “Molly”.

We may also see great actors like snoop Dogg and T-Pain playing an effective role in the upcoming sequel.

So this was all about the sequel of the series Dave. For more updates stay tuned to our site

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