[CONFIRMED] World Trigger Season 2: Sequel To Come in 2020. Season Delayed Due To Daisuke Ashihara Health Issues. Read To Know All Details

A confirmation has just hit the audience about the sequel of World Trigger. 

Studio Toei Animation made an announcement confirming the release of season 2. Furthermore, they promised for the trailer and key visuals.

The individual voice-over artists will get hold over their seats, such as Tomo Muranaka as Yuma Kuga, Yuuki Kaji as Osamu Mikumo, Nao Tamura as Chika Amatori, Yuichi Nakamura as Yuichi Jin, and Nobunaga Shimazaki as House.  

Director Morio Hatano will be working with writer Hiroyuki Yoshino in creating the series. 

World Trigger anime came on screens in 2014. After a long wait, the officials thought of renewing the series. 

The first season came up with 73 episodes. The sequel of the first part consisted of fifty main episodes for the series. 

The creator of the series Daisuke Ashihara is suffering from numerous health problems. As a result, in the second season, he was delayed. Daisuke usually works at a slow pace for the cervical spondylosis. He cannot work continuously for a long time. 

World Trigger Season 2: Release

The second season is likely to get launch at the end of the year. Toei Animation did not confirm the period of the release. In contrast with the time, they will make announcements.

The anime is likely to complete its production process recently. Trailers are likely to be out with short visuals and critical scenes.

The dates will get revealed after the trailer is out. The massive outbreak can cause a delay in the launch of the second season.

 Firstly, the series must have been on screens by June or July. The series will come by the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021. 

The fans will have to wait for some more time for the anime to come on screens.

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