Criterion making Need For Speed 2020 ?? Will it be Most Wanted 3 or Hot Pursuit 3?? Release Date & Everything you need to know

Need For Speed game series

The Need For Speed is a racing video game developed by Criterion Games, Firemonkeys Studios & published by Electronic Arts. The game first launched on August 31, 1994. On November 8, 2019, it was lastly launched on the name Need for Speed: Heat.

The game series is expanded, and multiple games are released in the franchise. The series secured to be one of the tops most successful video game franchises and sold over 150 M copies. All the games series of the franchise follow the same rules and techniques.

Burnout studios to launch the next Need For Speed game series in the franchise!

EA has officially announced the new installment of Need For Speed game series franchise, developed by the criterion games. The previous developer of the NFS series, Ghost Games, is rebranded as EA Gothenburg, an engineering studio that supports the other games.

EA transfers the staff from Ghost Games to criterion games, and some stay at the rebranded studio while the others are moved to Criterion games and other studios within EA, 30 roles are at risk.

The criterion is based on one of the biggest game development hubs in the UK. Criterion Games is well-known for designing the Burnout series, and it is also an excellent platform to establish and develop the games.

Criterion previously developed two games from the NFS’s franchise – Need For Speed – Hot Pursuit, 2010 & Need For Speed – Most Wanted, 2012, which are among the few popular games of the series.

NFS’s latest game, Need For Speed – Heat, launched in the previous year and had the highest player count of the franchise. Apart from Criterion’s two games from the NFS series, a third game from the studio, Burnout 3, is being developed.

NFS series is now going back to Criterion after seven years at the Swedish studio, Ghost Games. Having great passion and interest in racing games, EA took NFS to the next generation.

The reason behind NFS moving back to Criterion is because of the struggle it had to flourish and may find its luck in the Burnout Studios.

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