Danmachi Season 3 Episode 7 Release Date, Spoiler Discussion, Plot Synopsis & More

Danmachi Season 3 Episode 7 is an upcoming episode of the ongoing anime series. It is based on a novel series by Fujino Ōmori. Moreover, it also is known as DanMachi. Hideki Shirane wrote this series. Hideki Tachibana directed this series under the production of J.C.Staff. Various distributors like Madman Entertainment, Sentai Filmworks, and Muse Communication have licensed this series.

Danmachi Season 3 Episode 7 Story Synopsis

The plot of this series sets in a fictional city, Orario. Moreover, all gods came down to Orario seeking excitement and experiencing the problems faced by the people of Earth. Furthermore, the plot of this series spins around a 14-year-old solo adventurer, Bell Cranel under Goddess Hestia. However, he had to works hard for his survival because he was the only member of the Hestia Familia. Later, he falls in love with a powerful swordswoman, Ais Wallenstein. She once saved Bell’s life. However, Bell was unaware that several other girls and mortals developed an affection for him. Additionally, Hestia developed feelings for him. As he improved himself with every challenge he faced.

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Danmachi Season 3 Episode 7 Official Announcement

The makers have officially announced the release date for the 7th episode of the third season. Moreover, the audience is eagerly waiting for the next episode of this series. Get further details about the same below.

Danmachi Season 3 Cast

As stated above, The makers have confirmed to release the 7th episode of this season. Moreover, we can hear the following voice artists voicing our favorite characters:

Danmachi Season 3 Episode 7 Release date

The wait of all the fans of this series will be over soon. As the makers are set to release the 7th episode of this series on November 13, 2020.


Moreover, The makers have released the official trailer for the third installment of this series. However, if you haven’t watched the trailer, then you can watch it here. If you haven’t caught up on the past episodes of this series then, you can stream it on Crunchyroll.


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