Demi Lovato and Austin Wilson Relationship in Problem? Are they Still Together?

The well-known American pop singer and actress, Demi Lovato was believed to have dated Austin Wilson, a model in California. In the year, 2019 Demi and Austin were supposedly in a relationship which subsequently ended up in the same year.  Here is all we know about the relationship between Demi Lovato and Austin Wilson!

Demi Lovato and Austin Wilson: How did They Meet?

Although little is known about how they both met it is said to be possible because of a common friend who passed away in October 2019. Thomas Trussel III was a model who was found dead at a motel in Los Angeles on October 8, 2019. Demi took it to her Instagram to pay tribute to the late model by uploading a photograph of a “T” tattooed on her arm. Austin also paid a tribute to his model friend and mourned his demise. Since then social media was filled up with updates of Austin to be Demi’s boyfriend.

Demi Lovato and Austin Wilson's Couple Pictures will Surely "Aww" You!

The Journey

 Although, we have a little idea about how the relationship went along in their case here is something we know. The couple went official about their relationship in November when Demi posted a mirror selfie with her boyfriend Austin who was seen placing a kiss on her cheeks. In December 2019 the x duo went to their first outing in L.A. and later flew to Disneyland together.

Demi Lovato and Austin Wilson's Couple Pictures will Surely "Aww" You!

The Breakup Story Of Demi Lovato and Austin Wilson

On hearing the breakup news of the duo the fans couldn’t take it as they both just got official the past month. A source confirmed the news of Demi and Austin getting separated due to an unmatchable lifestyle. Demi’s entire concentration was on her sobriety, God, and her music which couldn’t really match with Austin. Therefore, both of them decided to part ways with no hard feelings for each other.

Demi even replied to one of his followers asking to be kind to Austin as he is not a bad person. She requested the fans not to troll him as it is difficult for both sides equally. And that is how the relationship of these two love birds ended on a peaceful note.

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