Does “Liam Hemsworth” Have a New Admirer? “Lindsay Lohan”, Is It True??

Something Fishy Between ‘Liam Hemsworth’ and ‘Lindsay Lohan’??

After Lindsay Lohan left some flirty messages for “The last song” lead Liam Hemsworth, the internet could not keep mum. The messages appeared after the split of Hemsworth with Miley Cyrus.

In less than a month after Liam and Miley’s separation, Linsay commented on one of Liam’s post as, “Why didn’t we meet in Sydney or Bondi?!”. Lindsay was in Australia at that time filming for The Masked Singer.

On 26th December, Liam posted another picture of him trying out an urban surfing facility after not being able to go to the ocean. Yet again, Lindsay left the  “????????”  emoji in the comments. Now, this brought a flood of trolls on Instagram for the 33-year-old actress.

Does "Liam Hemsworth" Have a New Admirer? "Lindsay Lohan", Is It True??

Lindsay Lohan recently appeared on CNN’s live New Year’s Eve coverage on Dec. 31 and co-host Andy Cohen asked her, “All the people are writing that you’ve been commenting on Liam Hemsworth’s Instagrams and they want you two to get together. Just so you know. People are trying to manifest that to happen.” Lindsay coolly replied, saying, “I think that comes from me being in Australia for another season of The Masked Singer, which we’re doing.”

Lindsay also said that she was only trying to get in touch with Liam so that she could ask him to do some charity events while she was shooting for The Masked Singer. She also claims that the talks going on are just gossip, and she doesn’t want any enchanted encounter with Liam.

Does "Liam Hemsworth" Have a New Admirer? "Lindsay Lohan", Is It True??

She also said, “We always have a gossip in our lives, you know that.”  She tactfully steered clear of the topic. Well reporters and Instagram followers won’t spare her this easy, will they?

And when it comes to trolling, Instagram followers won’t give a second thought to it. So, Lohan has to stay very, very careful.

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