Cobra Kai Season 3. What Will Happen in Okinawa?? Xolo Maridueña is Returning for Season 3.

Cobra Kai, this web series has performed much better as expected by its makers and producers. The story of this show revolves around a young karate kid, also including the love triangle due to which it has become favorites amongst the younger generation.

The first season of this YouTube originals ends with the boy named Miguel winning the All valley Karate championship, and the second season ends with a tragedy on the careers of both Dojo and Johnny as a sensei.

Cobra Kai Season 3: Plot

Now let’s see about season 3 what it comes with as per the creators of this series have revealed its filming on their twitter accounts. The trailer has also been released by YouTube.

Cobra Kai Season 3 Releasing Soon
Cobra Kai Season 3 Releasing Soon

By seeing the trailer and last two seasons, the fans are expecting to see whether the enemies Johnny & Daniel can work together, taking their differences apart. It is confirmed that Daniel will be going to Mr. Miyagi’s hometown, i.e., to Okinawa. The origins of Miyagi’s and Cobra Kai’s philosophies will also be revealed.

Cobra Kai Season 3: Cast

Moving towards the cast and its details we are told that all the casts of season 2 will still be the part of this season namely- Martin Kove,  Alon with Xolo Maridueña, Ralph Macchio William Zabka, Mary Mouser, Tanner Buchanan, and Jacob Bertrand as Hawk, some of the younger actors are also going to join this show including- Peyton List as Tory, who became Sam’s arch-rival.

Cobra Kai Season 3: Release Date

The release date of season 3 has been scheduled in September 2020. It is one of the most dramatic shows on YouTube for which the fans are eagerly waiting. Let’s talk about the release date of the earlier two seasons- Season 1 was aired on 2 May 2018, and Season 2 was aired on 24 April 2019.

It is full of drama and comedy genre; if you love this genre, then you should go and watch them easily on YouTube Premium, as it is the best time to watch because season 3 will also be releasing soon. Earlier, there was an assumption that season 3 will be releasing in April/May, but according to other sources, it will probably be releasing in the spring season, i.e., in the month of September.

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