EA Games Working on Apex Legends Mobile with a Chinese Partner. Are they working with ‘Tencent’: Expected Release Date & Features

EA hopes to capture the Chinese mobile gaming market with a Chinese Partner.

Gaming Industry generated 135 Billion dollars in 2018, and this number will only grow in the coming time. Gaming companies are making sure that they capitalize on this growth and capture new and big markets.

Is Smartphone a new platform?

Although gaming platforms such as Xbox, Play Stations, Wii, and Switch are popular among gamers, a smartphone is the newest platform that is attracting gaming companies and gamers. Gaming Companies are developing mobile versions of their popular games to capture the smartphone gaming market.

Why the Chinese?

To maximize the profit in gaming, gaming companies must capture the Chinese smartphone market as China has the maximum number of smartphone users. Almost every user plays a game at least once a month.

Keeping in mind the strict censorship rules in China, Gaming companies in the rest of the world partner up with a Chinese company to get help in obtaining necessary licenses and finishing paperwork to launch their games. Perhaps the biggest example of this was displayed by Activision.

Activision is the creator of the famous shooting game Call of Duty. Activision, in collaboration with Chinese conglomerate Tencent, recently launched Call of Duty: Mobile designed and created for smartphones.

source: pinterest.com

The game was successful but could never reach Chinese Markets as necessary licenses were refused by Chinese authorities despite Tencent being involved in the launch.

A New Strategy?

It has been officially announced that EA Games is developing a mobile version of their hit game Apex Legends with an unnamed Chinese partner.

EA Games to increase their profits would want to push the mobile version of their game Apex Legends in Chinese markets. It would be interesting to see what nuanced version of this strategy will EA Games adopt as Activision has already failed.

Why will it become common?

In the future, we may hear more such announcements as China has around 604 million mobile gamers. This means a big market, more consumers, more purchases, and more money for companies.

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