Eagle Talon Golden Spell Episode 5 Release Date, Synopsis, Spoilers & More

Eagle Talon Golden Spell Episode 5 is a Japanese Flash animation. The series was created by Ryo Ono. Additionally, the series was directed by the creator himself, Ryo Ono. DLE produced this series.

Eagle Talon Golden Spell Episode 5 Synopsis

The plot of this series sets around a secret society, Eagle Talon. This secret society is situated in Kojimachi, Tokyo. However, Eagle Talon is the villain of the series who always tries to capture the world. Moreover, society was lead by a 55-year-old man, Chancellor. Moreover, Eagle Talon had Yoshida, Philip, and doctor Leonardo as its members.

Yoshida is the 24-year-old Lieutenant of Eagle Talon. Furthermore, his irresponsible and childish behavior leads to the failure of the evil plans of the group. However, Phillip was a heavy metal vocalist and a businessman. Later, he joined Eagle Talon as a contract employee. Doctor Leonardo, a genius scientist, and inventor who is responsible for inventing most of the tools Eagle Talon uses in its evil plans to take over the world.

Eagle Talon Golden Spell Episode 5 Release Date, Synopsis, Spoilers & More

Moreover, each episode deals with different strategies of Eagle Talon to take over the world. However, their strategies always fail because of the protagonist, Deluxe Fighter. The Deluxe Fighter was a coward but had heroic traits. His special move is Deluxe Bomber. He has a special ability to shoot an energy beam from the palm of his hand. However, the Eagle Talon members discovered a golden spell. The golden spell has the ability to control the will power of humans. Unfortunately, somebody stole the golden spell along with the process to create it. Now, the spell was in the wrong hands!! what will happen next? The thief will be caught or not??

Eagle Talon Golden Spell Official announcements

Good news for the fans of the Superheroic series. The makers are ready to release the first installment of this season. Get more details about the cast, release, and trailer of the series below.


Eagle Talon Golden Spell Cast

The makers have already released four episodes of this season. However, each character was voiced by:

  • Chancellor voiced by Frogman
  • Yoshida voiced by Frogman
  • Phillip voiced by Frogman
  • Doctor Leonardo voiced by Frogman
  • Creepy Kid voiced by Frogman
  • Deluxe Fighter voiced by Frogman


Eagle Talon Golden Spell Episode 5 Release Date

The fifth part of this superhero series may uncover the identity of the thief. However, it may get released on 2nd November 2020. As the previous episodes were released on Monday of every week.

Eagle Talon Golden Spell Trailer

The makers have released the trailer for the series. However, if you haven’t watched the trailer yet then, you can watch it here. You can also stream the past episodes of this series on Crunchyroll.

Until we come back with more updates of this series you can check Goblin Slayer Season 2 & more.

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