Endride Season 2: Release Date, Is it Confirmed Officially? Know it!

Endride is s fantasy anime series, in Japanese. The story is written by Toko Machida and the series is directed by Keiji Gotoh. Season one of the series was premiered on April 2, 2016. It had a total of 24 episodes. Fans are eagerly waiting for Endride Season 2 till then.

Endride Season 2 Release date

Brain’s Base and Lapin Track together produced the first season of the anime. But after that, nothing was told either about the renewal or the cancellation of the show. So we can only make wild guesses about the release date as of now.

The Plot

The story of Endride takes place in a different and distant galaxy. This world is situated very far from earth. Here there are several fantastic creatures. But on one of these days, the main character of the series and a regular guy from Xiong Asanaga confronted with the mysterious dimension. And merely on touching his discovery, he enters Enride. Before him, he could see Emilio Langheyama. He recognizes him as the true prince of the mysterious world. Will Endride Season 2 continue on this?

Endride Season 2: Release Date, Is it Confirmed Officially? Know it!

When Shun Asanaga is transported to Endra, a kingdom beneath the earth, worlds collide. Now he has to help Prince Emilio to regain his rightful throne. For this, he has to defeat king Delzaine. Now we have to see whether they can restore the kingdom. Can we see Endride Season 2 in 2021?

Then the viewers could see that some of the anime characters made their return in the video game. The story of the video game is set three years after the story of the anime. So if Season 2 has to be made, the makers either have to do it as a continuation of the video game or make it as a plot for Endride Season 2.

The Trailer

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