Extraction 2: Joe Russo confirms, Chris Hemsworth is NOT DEAD & Returning in the Sequel, Filming Date & More

Netflix confirmed there would be a sequel for the film Extraction. Writer Joe Russo also stated he had signed the contract with Netflix. The first movie is still a top trending one. Chris Hemsworth plays the lead role in the movie. The first part of the movie had mixed responses from the viewers.

In the case of Extraction 2, the question to be noted is what happened to Tyler Rake? The climax of the Extraction was Tyler falling off from the bridge; no one knows whether he’s alive or not. And what happened to the boy who shot him. So there exist a lot of questions to be answered. There was also a scene at last Ovi seeing Tyler while swimming when the film ends.

For Indian viewers, Indian actor Randeep Hooda also played an eye-catching role in the movie. The location of the Extraction was Mumbai and Dhaka, Bangladesh. Chris Hemsworth plays the role of Tyler Rake, who’s in the mission of rescuing a drug lord’s son.

The movie clearly depicts how people with money take control of the governance of a country. It was a debut film for Rudhraksh Jaiswal, who acted as Ovi Mahajan. He was pretty good in his debut. The movie witnessed a one-man war against an army of a drug lord of Bangladesh.

Chris Hemsworth commented about Extraction; it was the most exhausting role he had ever played. For years he was superhero Thor. Subsequently, a change from Thor of Asgard to Tyler Rake was a completely different experience.

Tyler Rake needed more physicality compared to Thor. Director Sam Hargrave and scriptwriter and the producer of the film Joe Russo were there in the set of  Avengers: Endgame, which is one of the milestones in Chris Hemsworth’s career.

Chris Hemsworth with director Sam Hargrave

Within 4 weeks, Extraction became the biggest ever premier film on Netflix, as a result, which is a great achievement for the film. Well, the film is on the watch list of numerous people. Apart from this, the film is a bit overrated too. For a couple of them, it was an average movie. They expected more from the Russo brothers. The budget for making this movie was approximately 6.5 crores USD.

However, people expect Extraction 2 will be much better than the first one.

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