Famous “Jaden Smith” is Suffering from a Serious Illness and Dying?? ‘Will Smith’ and ‘Jada Smith’ are Worried!!!

Who is Jaden Smith?

Jaden Smith is the Rapper and son of Famous Actor Will Smith. He also featured in some films. But he is more interested in music rather than acting.

How Jaden Smith Found Out about his Illness?

Just like any normal Jaden Smith was doing his work while he felt stomachache, he thought it would be gone in some time. But then again the next day also that issue continued, and he was also feeling exhausted.

So, he tried some Vegan diet by thinking maybe that will help; hence he is Vegan. But that diet plan has a flaw. It didn’t have protein in enough amount. This was the reason he was constantly feeling exhausted, and he was even hospitalized because he was feeling so much exhausted and weak.

The Famous "Jaden Smith" is Suffering from a Serious Illness and Dying?? Will Smith and Jada Smith are Worried!!!

How Will Smith and Jada Smith Tackled with this Situation?  

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith both were very concerned about the health of Jaden. The family and Jaden wanted to see from which exactly he was actually suffering from.

So, they did hire Dr. Mark Hayman to look into the health condition of his son, and they also hired a Nutritionist Mona Sharma in order to make sure Jaden gets all nutrition.

From which Illness Jaden Smith is Suffering?

Jaden Smith is Suffering from the insufficiency of Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Omega 3. That means there is a shortage of these proteins in his body as per requirement.

And this lack of supplements did lead him to suffer from the weakness problems. Fish and meat are great sources of protein, and they help in body growth. But that is the main problem in his case since he is Vegan, he doesn’t eat meat and fish.

The Current Situation of him now

Both the Doctor and Nutritionist are trying their best in order to get him recovered as soon as possible. For that, they did make such a diet plan from which he will get all nutritional supplements, and, in some time, he will be fully recovered. 

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