Fuller House Season 6: Release Date, Cast and Discussions on it!

The American Sitcom Fuller House is a spin-off of the ‘80s/90s’ family sitcom, Full House, created by Jeff Franklin and airs on Netflix as a Netflix original series. With Netflix announcing the sequel spin-off in 2015, the show soon debuted the next year and now has in total of 5 seasons and 75 episodes. Like any other “normal” family, the fuller house deals with all sorts of emotions, circumstances, understanding, and growth. It’s a fun and light spoof series to watch whenever you want to take it easy and just laugh it out with emotions! Here’s everything we think you should know about Fuller House Season 6.

Possibility of Fuller House Season 6

It appears that the sitcom course of action doesn’t have season 6 on its cards. Candace Cameron Bure (D.J. Tanner-Fuller) in an interview stated that earlier she had presumed that the show would run for at least 6 seasons, but due to network reasons that the cast isn’t privy of, the decision was made one season early.

This being said, nonetheless, the cast isn’t sure quite ready yet to let go of the show, which was very evident in one of their interviews when Andrea Barber who plays Kimmy Gibbler in the spin-off showcases her disbelief after the confirmation of Season 5 being the end batch.

Fuller House Season 6: Release Date, Cast and Discussions on it! Know Them Here!

What was the Reason that the Show got Cancelled?

According to Jumpshot, a data analysis company, there was a report that claimed that Fuller house between Seasons 1 and 2 had suffered a massive drop of 52% of the viewership and after another drop of 10% between Seasons 3 and 4, it was reported that the show almost got canceled.

However, a fifth season was produced to allow a satisfactory ending for the audience, the cast, and the show in its entirety. In 2018, Candance Cameron Bure commented on an interview,

“I would play DJ Tanner for the rest of my life, if the audience wanted it and the networks wanted it, I would do it forever.”

Main Cast of Fuller House Season 6

The Lead Cast of Season 6 are:

  • Candace Cameron Bure – D.J. Tanner-Fuller
  • Jodie Sweetin – Stephanie Tanner
  • Andrea Barber – Kimmy Gibbler
  • Michael Campion – Jackson Fuller
  • Elias Harger – Max Fuller
  • Soni Bringas – Ramona Gibbler
  • Dashiell Messitt – Tommy Fuller Jr.
  • Fox Messitt – Tommy Fuller Jr. 
  • Juan Pablo Di Pace – Fernando
  • Scott Weinger – Steve Hale
  • John Brotherton – Dr. Matt Harmon
  • Adam Hagenbuch – Jimmy Gibbler


Fuller House may have ended before its time on the streaming service after 5 good seasons, yet it is deemed to have still given us a satisfactory ending after all. The cast is still pretty close to each other and has made it certain that given the opportunity, there’s no doubt they would reprise these characters again.

As long as nostalgia TV is still alive and popular, it is still quite possible for the show to pick up from where it left off or maybe a time skip? Who knows what could happen shortly and we have our fingers crossed.  Fuller House Season 6 will also entertain us in the same way.

Fuller House Season 6 Trailer 

Due to not having Fuller House Season 6 in the making, there’s no official trailer for the same

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