Fuuka Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Details!

Fukka is a Japanese Manga series illustrated by Kōji Seo. The original T.V series was in 2017. There are about 12 episodes that were aired to date. The story revolves around a young man and his complicated relationship which started due to a misunderstood situation. With over  64,879 copies sold and ranking at 26th among the best Manga series after which it was licensed to air globally. On the whole, it’s definitely a good show. Will Fuuka Season 2 coming soon?

The Overview of Fuuka Season 2

Yuu Haruna is an avid Twitter user and always spends his time by himself. One night he goes outside to buy his dinner and stops to upload a picture on Twitter and specifically at that time be a teenage girl named  Fuuka Akitsuki bumps into him and misunderstands that he took an inappropriate picture of her, enraged by this she breaks his phone and leaves a CD behind.

Fuuka Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Details!

Yuu returns that CD back to her the next day, impressed by this personality she starts to grow fond of him. Meanwhile, Yuu had promised his childhood friend Koyuki Hinashi on starting a band, in course of events Koyuki contacts Yuu and invites her for a concert and hence makes the relationship between Yuu and Fuuka a complicated one. However, there are two stories in context to Manga and the Series release which makes it a bit hard to follow the flow line. in Fuuka Season 2!

Fuuka Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Details!

The Characters

It is a fun vibrant show which portrays the teenage drama and the characters also depict the same. The wide interest of younger audience viewing this show.  With a rating of 6.3 on IMDb, it is a good watch!

The Cast that might return in Fuuka Season 2 is!

  • Yuu Haruna voiced by  Aaron Dismuke
  • Fuuka Akitsuki by  Jill Harris
  • Koyuki Hinashi by  Jeannie Tirado
  • Fuuka Aoi
  • Makoto Mikasa by Ricco Fajardo

Fuuka Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Details!

Yuu Haruna is one of the main characters of the series who plays the role of a lone avid Twitter user and also a bassist with the band, The Fallen Moon. He meets Fuuka Akitsuki there and starts to develop his band with her support however in time she passes away in the Manga and he meets Fuuka Aoi and dates starts to grow fond of her slowly and also invites her to join his band. Will Fuuka Season 2 follow the same plot?

Fuuka Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Other Details!

Fuuka Akitsuki is a young talented girl who meets Yuu accidentally and accuses him of taking an inappropriate picture of her. Later looking at his personality and realizing that she falsely accused him she starts to grow feelings towards him and helps him start their own band called the “The Fallen Moon” named after her surname.  In the Manga series, Fuuka faces a tragic death while the Anime series shows that the two of them end up being in a relationship together.

Fuuka Aoi is another young artist who performs at the battle of the bands in the competition and ends up singing in the band as well. Later it is revealed that her father was the one who killed Akitsuki and in season 146 she is seen to be dating Yuu. Let’s see what happens in Fuuka Season 2!

Koyuki Hinashi is Yuu’s childhood friend and also a singer from the band Rabbitz. She also confesses her love to Yuu on television and later on leaves her band and joins the Hedgehogs. Sara Iwami is one of the friends that Yuu met online and she is also one of the people who feel comfortable around Yuu which makes her fall in love with him as well.

Release Date of Fuuka Season 2

The original run of the Manga and the series was around 2018. The show wasn’t able to gain its name in the beginning and took some time to be picked up by other broadcasters. with over 195 chapters compiled in 20 volumes in Manga and  30 chapters in Series so the deviation in stories between these two platforms could be one of the reasons why the show could not be followed by all.

There are no official announcements made regarding Fuuka Season 2 by any of the producers however we can still wait and hope for the sequel to continue in 2021 at the least.

The Trailer

Fuuka is now available on Crunchyroll, do have a look!

Until we come back with more news and updates on this series, you can check JoJo part 6 & more.

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