God of High School Season 2 Release Date, Plot and More!!!

“God of High School” is a popular South Korean webtoon series created by Yongje Park. The series follows the story of Jin Mo-Ri, a high school student who participates in a martial arts tournament known as “The God of High School.” The tournament is open to all high school students and promises to grant the winner any wish they desire. Season 1 of the anime adaptation aired in July 2020, and it became an instant hit among anime fans worldwide. Now, fans of the series are eagerly waiting for the release of God of High School Season 2.

God of High School Season 2 Release Date

The official release date for “God of High School” Season 2 is not announced. The series will be available to stream on Crunchyroll, an American distributor and publisher of anime, manga, and dorama. Fans who want to catch up on the 1st season can watch it on Crunchyroll.

God of High School Season 2 Release Date

Current Show Status

God of High School Season 2 — No Announcment

Expected Plot For Season 2

The first season of “God of High School” introduces us to Jin Mo-Ri, a skilled martial artist who participates in the “God of High School” tournament. He forms a team with his friends Han Dae-Wi and Yu Mi-Ra and faces off against other teams in the tournament. Throughout the season, we learn more about the characters and their motivations. We also discover more to the tournament than meets the eye.

God of High School Season 2 Release Date, Plot and More!!!

In “God of High School Season 2”, Jin Mo-Ri and his friends continue to compete in the tournament, but they soon realize a more significant threat looming. The tournament is being manipulated by a secret organization known as “Nox,” which seeks to use the power of the gods for its purposes. Jin Mo-Ri and his friends must work together to stop Nox and protect their world from destruction.

Characters of God of High School

“God of High School” features a diverse cast of characters, each with their unique fighting styles and personalities. The main characters are:

  • Jin Mo-Ri: A skilled martial artist who fights using a combination of taekwondo and borrowed power.
  • Han Dae-Wi: A former champion fighter who uses borrowed power to enhance his strength and speed.
  • Yu Mi-Ra: A swordswoman who fights using the Moon Light Sword Style.

In “God of High School” Season 2, we can expect to see more of these characters and their growth as they face new challenges.

Cast and Crew

“God of High School” Season 2 is being produced by MAPPA, a Japanese animation studio known for its work on “Jujutsu Kaisen” and “Attack on Titan: The Final Season.” The series is directed by Sunghoo Park, who also directed “Jujutsu Kaisen.” The voice actors for the main characters are:

  • Tatsumaru Tachibana as Jin Mo-Ri
  • Kentaro Kumagai as Han Dae-Wi
  • Ayaka Ohashi as Yu Mi-Ra


The trailer for “God of High School” Season 2 was released in December 2021, and it has already generated a lot of excitement among fans. The trailer features epic battles and hints at the more significant threat Jin Mo-Ri and his friends will face in the upcoming season. Fans can expect more intense fights and jaw-dropping animation in God of High School Season 2.

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