Golden Kamuy Season 4: Release Date and Official Announcement

Golden Kamuy Season 4 is exciting the fans after the end of season 3, adding to the already long list of successful Japanese manga series is one more for all our audiences. Golden Kamuy, an adventurous anime,  is written and illustrated by the popular author Saturo Noda.

It is not every day that a Japanese manga wins the annual manga award. It added a feather to the cap of Golden Kamuy when the series won the award in 2016. The show’s first and second season premiered in 2018 and were aired from April to December. This was followed by the third season that came out this year in October. The established American manga publisher and anime distributor VizMedia has been licensed for the show’s English language release.

Golden Kamuy Season 4: Release Date

The season finale for the third season aired on December 21, 2020. The third season has a lot of drama that definitely has viewers wanting more. There is no release date announcement for Golden Kamuy Season 4.

Golden Kamuy Season 4: Official Announcement

Although the show has successfully become one of the most watched series these winters, there is no official announcement for Golden Kamuy Season 4. There are rumors of the Season 4 being called off altogether. But there is no official news about it. The fans of the show really want a show to return with Season 4. There are, however, chances that there will be a fourth sequel to the series. The collection boxes and the ratings are a confirmation of the success the show has been. Currently, the series scores a 7.9 on 10 on IMDB. This is a great score for an anime that has a specific target audience.

Why we like to believe in the renewal of the series for Season 4 is because of the trend the series has seen its release. The 2 seasons clearly have a gap of two years. So now that we are in the most “blessed” year already, let’s take a wild guess at the most probable date of release for Golden Kamuy Season 4. It mostly would release sometime in 2022. Let’s hope and keep the faith alive.!

Golden Kamuy Season 4: Release Date and Official Announcement


Golden Kamuy Season 4 has a battle veteran as the protagonist. Saichi Sugimoto is a miner in Hokkaido. He took up this job after the Battle of 203 Hill ended. He works hard every day to provide for the widow of a fellow comrade.

Everything goes on smooth, till one day there is the news of a hidden trove of Ainu Gold. He gets excited at the news and prepares braces up to start the quest. However, there is a hurdle he must cross. The whereabouts of Ainu Gold are known to a group of convicts who is on the run from Abashiri Prison. Soon he also learns that, like him, there are many others looking to grab the opportunity.

In his quest, he is also joined by Asirpa, a young Ainu girl, who wants to find it for the people of her tribe. Does the team of Sugimoto and Asirpa successfully find out the trove? Or do they get lost and never come back again? Watch the award winner manga Golden Kamuy to find out.

Golden Kamuy Season 4: Cast

The cast is mostly the crowd of the Ainu tribe and the group of convicts. There are also large parts of the show that puts in the foreground Sugimoto and Asirpa, first individually and then, together.


Don’t forget to catch the amazing trailer of Golden Kamuy Season 4 below.

Golden Kamuy is available on Crunchyroll, Amazon Prime Video, and Funimation. So those who want to watch it can check it there.

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