Gone Season 2: Release Date. Will Chris Noth return in S2 as Frank?

Gone, a series based on Chelsea Cain’s novel One Kick. It is an internationally co-produced police procedural crime drama television series created by Matt Lopez. The series had its world premiere on Universal Channel in Australia in 2017. Originally it was set to release on TF1(France) and VOX (Germany), Season on release from 13 November 2017 to 12 February 2018, and now we wait for Gone Season 2.

Gone Season 2 Plot

An NBC Universal international studios produced drama television series has created a huge fan base and starred some famous actors in it, the central or main characters are mainly three. The first one is Kit “Kick” Lannigan, A former child abduction victim, Kit Lannigan was “raised” by her abductors for five years until found by FBI agent Frank Novak and returned home.

Gone Season 2: Release Date. Will Chris Noth return as Frank in Season 2?

Frank Novak an FBI agent who rescued Kick from her abductors when she was a child, has maintained a strong presence in her life after she returned to her family. last but not least John Bishop, a new FBI agent who has previously served with the military

The first season of Gone revolves around Katherine Lannigan and Frank Novak. Katherine “Kit/Kick” Lannigan is rescued by frank Novak after that kick trains herself in martial arts and the use of firearms. Since being abducted kick grew uncertain of her safety so joins a special task force with Novak and dedicate herself to solve all missing person abduction cases alongside Novak. Gone Season 2 will start from when?

Gone Season 2: Release Date. Will Chris Noth return as Frank in Season 2?

The Cast

It is too soon to make any statement regarding the cast of Gone Season 2 but still, we are hoping for the same cast of the season before. the previous cast was, Chris Noth seen in the role of FBI Agent Frank Novak, Leven Rambin acted as Kid Katherine “Kick” Lannigan, Danny Pino seen as John Bishop, and all the cast members.

Gone Season 2: Release Date. Will Chris Noth return as Frank in Season 2?

Gone Season 2 Release Date

The first season had 12 episodes to watch whose last episode aired off on 12 February 2018. The show received positive comments and a good response from the audience and fans. However, there are no official announcements on the release date of Gone Season 2. The outbreak of coronavirus halted the filming and post-production works. The team might start production after the condition gets any better.

The Trailer

Until any news surfaces watch the first season on Netflix

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