Good Morning Call Season 3: Release Date Updates, Story & More

The hilarious comedy-drama has had fans waiting for Good morning Call Season 3 for almost 3 years. Directed by Fujio Takashi and Kawahara Yo, the show first aired on 12 February 2016 and was followed by the second season in 2017. It is very well-liked by its fans. They enjoy everything from its quirky humor to its multitude of clichés. The viewers have eagerly been waiting for news about a new season but to no avail. Here’s everything we know about the show. 

Good Morning Call Season 3 Storyline

The story follows the lives of two people. The first is a girl named Yoshikawa Nao, who decided to stay behind and live alone. Her family goes to the country as they have inherited a farm from her grandfather. The second is a boy from her school named Uehara Hisashi who she discovers is also renting the apartment she is renting. 

They run into problems as their rental agency shuts down and their landlord starts charging them more rent. Since they have no money and nowhere to go, they decide to rent the apartment together. This is a slice of life comedy-drama that looks at what they experience in this endeavor together.  

Good Morning Call Season 3 Release Date Updates, Story & More

We don’t know what to expect from the third season as there can be numerous ways to write these types of dramas. It all depends on what Netflix wants to do if they want to do anything at all. The second season was a completely original story about their college life. It was titled ‘Good Morning Call: Our Campus Days’. So, the possibilities are endless for another season. As a result, viewers can expect something new and refreshing for another season.

The Cast

When it comes to the cast, we can expect the two main actors returning for their roles:

  • Fukuhara Haruka as Yoshikawa Nao
  • Shiraishi Shunya as Uehara Hisashi 

Apart from that, we expect to see various supporting actors return such as Sakurada Dori, Sugino Yosuke, Arai Miu, and Sagara Itsuki. We also expect various guest appearances. 

About the Manga

The show was adapted from the shoujo manga of the same name. For some fans, it was like watching the manga instead of reading it. Authored by Yue Takasuka, there are 11 volumes with 57 chapters that the show directly adapts from. The manga ended in 2002 and there are no updates about any more volumes being released. Apart from the drama, there is also an OVA of the show which aired on 2 August 2002. It was produced by Production I.G. and was 19 minutes long.

Good Morning Call Season 3 Release Date

There is still a lot of debate going on about whether the third season will happen or not. The second season aired on 28 November 2017 and since then there have been no updates. It is uncertain whether Netflix will renew the show or cancel. If Good Morning Call Season 3 does happen we can expect it sometime in 2021. As soon as there is any update, we will let you know.  So you don’t lose hope because you still have another season coming up your way!

The Trailer

As there is no official release date, there is no available trailer for the third season. Once there is one, we will update you with it. In the mean-time, check out the original trailer for Good Morning Call. 

Good Morning Call is available on Netflix. So those who aren’t caught up with the show can watch over there.

But until we have a definitive release date for Season 3 you can check out more news about Arifureta season 2 & More

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