Hancock 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and more About the Sequel!

Director Peter Berg’s original, Hancock released back in 2008 was a blockbuster. Since then the sequel of the movie is being highly awaited. Will Hancock 2 make it to the cinemas super soon? Below is all you need to know!

Hancock 2: Release Date

The makers have made no such official announcement of the show, but it seems the sequel might show up in the upcoming years. After the release of Hancock, Berg announced the cast to make a comeback together for another film. But eventually, in 2009, the sequel was put on hold as Will Smith had been busy with his family.

So what is standing in the way of the Hancock 2 release now? Well, it is happening because of the scheduling conflicts as Berg had set the plot in 2009. We shall update you about the sequel as soon as it is announced.

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Hancock 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and more About the Sequel!

The Cast

If Hancock 2 releases it’s next the cast is expected to make a comeback.

Hancock 2 Plot

The story is about John Hancock, an alcoholic who has superhuman strength is often ridiculed by the public due to his drunken acts. Ray Embrey, a publicist helps him out and gives him a new makeover to face the world. Meanwhile, he also meets Mary his(Ray’s) wife, and other members of the family which brings out some deepest secrets.

Hancock 2 was announced to contain the backstory of the immortal gods of Smith and Theron by Berg in an interview with MTV News back in 2009.

The Trailer

Those who want to watch the movie can check it out on Amazon Prime. Also, we have linked the trailer of the first movie which is super cool to watch!

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