Hello Monster Season 2: Release Date, Plot Details and other News!

About Hello Monster Season 2

This must be tagged as another gem of a show from the Korean Drama Industry. Hello, Monster Season 1 aired on KBS2 TV channel from June to August. Though not much popular with the audience, it had its optimum share of critical acclaim. The critics praised the show for its strong storyline and concept. Now the question is when will Hello Monster Season 2 release?

The Storyline

Before we tell you how the show begins, let us give you an idea of the plot.

Lee Hyun was a scared kid in his childhood. His father feared that his insecurities might make him a criminal. However, Lee Hyun grows up to become the intelligent one in the family of another brother and a father. He becomes a successful professor abroad. This achievement comes at a price, though. He loses his father to a killer who he has absolutely no memory of. His brother also goes missing under mysterious circumstances.

Hello Monster Season 2: Release Date, Plot Details and other News!

Burdened by all this, he starts working as a criminal profiler. On a mission abroad, he experiences circumstances that bring him flashes of memory he didn’t know existed. He returns to his homeland to avenge the murder of his father and brother. Alongside, we meet detective Cha Ji-an who is Lee’s stalker since childhood. She has also set out to seek revenge from Lee Joon-Young, the murderer of her father.

The best part as claimed by the reviewers is that Hello Monster Season 2doesn’t lose track anywhere. There is no unnecessary love angles and harsh revenge plots. The story and its characters smoothly transition from a revengeful scene to a peaceful one.

Hello Monster Season 2 Release Date

The release date of  Season 2 is yet to be announced by the makers. The more the viewers have to wait, the more curiosity Season 2 would garner. Going by what the grapevine has, the release date will sometime be in 2022. Fingers crossed until then!

The Official Announcement!!

Hello, Monster Season 2 concluded with neat endings, and no ends were left loose. There is little possibility of having a Season 2 and no such official announcements have been made as of yet either.


The Cast

The main cast of Hello Monster Season 2 involves Seo In-guk who plays the protagonist Lee Hyun. Followed by Jang Na-ra who plays the stalker and detective. This brings us to the lost(assumed dead) and found brother Park Bo-gum who plays Jung Sun-ho / Lee Min. We finally get to the killer (Lee Joon-young) born out of rape and with a troubled childhood like the main lead. The murderer is played by Choi Won-young.

Hello, Monster Season 2  is available on Rakuten Viki. So those who want to watch it can check it there.

The Trailer

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