High School Of The Dead Season 2: Release Date, Will This Season be Twisted?

Based on a Japanese comic book or manga called “Gakuen Mokushiroku Haisukūru about za Deddo”, High School Of The Dead is a horror anime web series created by Daisuke Sato. Unfortunately, the writer of the manga passed away due to ischemic heart disease in the year 2017 which left the story incomplete. However, the new writer for the series is being searched for and this time an American studio has geared up to release High School Of The Dead Season 2!

High School Of The Dead Season 2: Release Date

The first season of this anime series was premiered in July 2010 and its last episode was aired in September 2020. Although the next season of the series is less likely to get released the fans of the show want to see more from the show. Also due to the unfortunate event of the creator passing away the probability of getting the second season released is the least.

Even though there appear no traces of the second season being premiered all hopes are restored with the creators of the show and we wish the new writer takes the place soon and we get to see the second season super soon! If this happens we can consider the next season to be out by 2021.

High School Of The Dead Season 2: Release Date, Will This Season be Twisted?

The Plot

High School of the dead has a horrific plot that thrills the audience with fear and excitement to see what’s next! In Japan, an unidentified disease spreads all over the country which kills the maximum number of humans who eventually reincarnate as living dead. The story revolves around a group of teenagers who in wake of this virus spread try to escape from the catastrophe.

One of the teenagers, Takashi in quest of saving the others kills his best friend who becomes a living dead. Later on, we see how Takeshi saves his best friend’s girlfriend and is accompanied by the rest of the survivors from the catastrophe. This might have surely brought your interest in the show and therefore the plot of the show is what makes us and the viewers demand a new season of this ten-year-old show!

The show is available on Netflix for those who are interested in the plot can check it out there.

The Trailer

Below is the trailer of the first season to freshen the memories of the fans of the show. Do watch it out!

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