Hot Stove League Season 2 : Release Date and Cast Details and Here!

Hot Stove League is a 2019 Sports Drama South Korean television series starring Namkoong Min, Park Eun-bin, Oh Jung-Se, and Jo Byung-gyu. It aired on SBS from December 13, 2019, to February 14, 2020. The series received critical acclaim due to its intriguing storyline. It won the hearts of many people, critics, and fans alike. It also won the Best Drama award at the 56th Baeksang Arts Awards. The fanbase was so huge that on February 15, less than a day after the drama’s finale, viewers started demanding the production of Hot Stove League Season 2. And SBS had no choice, but to respond. Read on to find more.

Hot Stove League Season 2 Storyline

Hot Stove League Season 2 : Release Date and Cast Details and Here!

The story revolves around a baseball team that had stood at the bottom of the league for the last four seasons. But then, a new general manager, Baek Seung-soo, is appointed.

Seung-soo uses his outsider’s insight to set the team on the right path. Therefore, with the help of operations manager Se-young and Jae-hee, he tries to upend the Dreams’ culture during a bid to make a championship-winning team. In short, he saves the team like a messiah.

Hot Stove League Season 2 Release Date

The producers of SBS’s “Stove League” have commented on the possibility of a second season! On February 15, the producers of the drama revealed that though nothing has yet been set in stone, there is a strong chance that “Stove League” will return for another season—and that many of its cast members have expressed their desire to participate.

“We don’t have any news about Season 2 yet,” the producers stated, “but the actors have said, ‘We want to do a Season 2.’ Because the writer would have to prepare more [for a second season], we don’t know exactly when Season 2 would premiere.”

Hot Stove League Season 2 : Release Date and Cast Details and Here!

They went on, “Because the actors had such great chemistry, and because the atmosphere on set was wonderful, most of the cast have said that they would want to participate if we ended up doing a Season 2. As each of the actors was very satisfied with his or her roles, they’d most likely have a positive reaction to [the news of a] Season 2, but we haven’t formally discussed anything.”

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