Hundred Season 2: Release Date, Story, and More Updates!

Based on a Japanese light novel, series, Hundred is an anime adaptation written by Jun Misaki. Moreover, the novel series was adapted in a manga form in the Monthly Dragon Magazine. Produced by Production IMS and directed by  Tomoki Kobayashi , this anime series has been praised for it’s an interesting plot and a great deal of animation.  After release of it’s first season, Hundred Season 2 is highly awaited. 

Here is all you need to know about the next season!

Hundred Season 2: Release Date, Story and More Updates!

Hundred Season 2: Release Date

The anime series hasn’t been announced for it’s new season officially yet. Meanwhile, if the anime gets renewed we can expect it to release somewhere in 2021-22.  The first season was premiered five years ago in 2016, in the month of June. Since then, the new season has been eagerly awaited by the fans of the show.

We shall update about the arrival of the upcoming season as soon as the makers announce the confirmation. For those who want to watch the show can check it out on Funimation.

Until season 2 arrives,  you can check out more updates on Classroom of the Elite season 2.

Hundred Season 2: Release Date, Story and More Updates!


The cast of season  1 is expected to play their part in season 2 which includes:

  • Hayato Kisaragi voiced by Yoshiaki Hasegawa
  • Emilia Hermit voiced by Rumi Ōkubo
  •  Claire Harvey voiced by Mao Ichimichi
  • Karen Kisaragi voiced by Kaya Okuno
  •  Sakura Kirishima voiced by Mayu Yoshioka
  •  Liza Harvey voiced by Nichika Ōmori
  • Liddy Steinberg voiced by Rika Kinugawa
  • Erica Candle voiced by Yui Makino
  • Fritz Granz voiced by Wataru Hatano
  • Reitia Saintemilio voiced by Yuka Ōtsubo
  • Charlotte Dimandias voiced by Miyu Matsuki
  •  Meimei voiced by Ayaka Imamura
  • Miharu Kashiwagi voiced by Yuna Yoshino\

Plot and Synopsis

The story revolves around Hayato Kisaragi a struggler who wants to be a great martial artist in opposition to the group called Savage. Handrid is the weapon which the fight continues for between Kisaragi and the opponents. Meanwhile, the group of opponents are a huge threat to the mankind and “Hundred” are the swords to fight against them. To acquire Hundred is also a big deal as the person concerned must be a Slayer.

The story is, therefore, struggle of Hayato in becoming a Slayer and also his journey is embarked when other Slayers come across him.

Hundred Season 2: Trailer

As of now, we don’t have the trailer for season 2 but you can definitely check out the trailer of the show linked below.

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